• The Music Chain III - extended

    19 Oct 2006, 19:51 by Gezzaia

    The Music Chain III has doubled the normally possible artists connections (which is 200) and reached over 400 artists now. Of course we are still bound with the hardcoded limit in our connections page. But we just continued including artists in our list of current connections.

    Not only that; all connections were tagged with , so if you listen to our globag tag , you will get the pure music chain, as opposed to the group radio, which will include everything our members listen.

    Take a look at our list and see if you are eligible (see group info on group page) to join. Let's just extend this music chain even wider. This group is a guaranteed way to generate a unique, extremely ecclectic and also in the long run rather obscure radio, with our global tag, the . Come join us! :)

    UPDATED list of current connections, 19/10/2006:

    This is the current list of the chains' connections, in alphabetical order. So, you can easily check if one of your top 10'ers is among them and join. Take a look: