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  1. EACH OF THE DAYS is metal, hardcore band from Nagoya, Japan.
    EACH OF THE DAYS are Norio – vocal, Totsu – guitar, Philor – guitar, Tama – bass,…

  2. Vocal : RYOTA
    Guitar : KENTARO
    Guitar :TAKATARO
    Bass : SHOKI


  3. Originally formed in 2004 by guitarist Masayoshi Onodera, ARISE IN STABILITY experienced their share of lineup changes in the early years before…

  4. Japan’s MYPROOF is a prime example of a band that push itself to the limits to every release to fully utilize their technical abilities. Their metal…

  5. The below is true. For now. Let's see what 2010 brings.

    Members: Adam Graham (guitar and vocals), Akihiro Aoyagi (guitar and vocals), Juntaro…

  6. Vo:村田 大地
    Blood: O

    Gt:山中 崇寛
    Blood: O

    Dr:山口 貴巳
    Blood: A

  7. Guitarist Ume and the drummer Kohei assembled a pair of vocalists, two guitarists and a bassist in June of 2006 to set up BREAK YOUR FIST, a…

  8. 2008 - 2013

    Vocal: isamu
    Guitar,backingvocals: out
    Guitar,backing vocals: tkmn
    bass: Taku

    Remembering Sensaiton of 23 years (mean age…

  9. The Japanese Metalcore/Thrashcore Band METAL SAFARI was formed in March 2005 by INAMOTO, Hiro-yuki and YAZU to play metal all over the world. In…

  10. bilo'u (pronounced Below) were formed in 2005 in Japan.

  11. There are multiple artists called Infection.

    1) Deathcore band from Japan
    Seijiro (Gt) / Takuso (Ba) / Ryo (Vo) / Kazma (Dr) / Yasushi…

  12. Sever Your Ties is a metalcore band from San Diego, California, with some members hailing from Orange County, California. An EP entitled "First Sign…

  13. Current Members:
    Tatsuya Nogami
    Yusuke Ohashi
    Jun Nakai …

  14. Metalcore / Post-Hardcore
    from Tokyo/JPN
    formed in July 2010, renamed to make my day at the end of 2013.

    Julian - 6strings & chorus…

  15. Self-described as “blue-collar metal,” Pittsburgh Pennsylvania’s ONCE NOTHING exemplify that moniker perfectly, embodying the grit and glory of the…

  16. Darkness Dynamite was formed in January 2007 by Zack, Alexandre, and Eddie, respectively, guitar player, drummer, and singer. The line-up was later…

  17. 5 piece Melodic-Metalcore/Melodic-Death/Chug band from Tokyo,JAPAN.

    kneeya - Vocal
    takaya - Guitar
    yuuki - Guitar
    bitoku - bass
    daich - drums…

  18. Oh God, This Is Plague Of War is a metalcore-band formed in spring 2009 in Hyogo, Japan. The band consists of vocalist A2, guitarists Issei and…

  19. http://www.myspace.com/deadhorsepaint


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