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  • Avatar for Foresterregn
    This band is pure perfection I must say. Heffalumps And Woozles is awesome
  • Avatar for Foresterregn
  • Avatar for cadavreflex
    E N D I N G W O R L D
  • Avatar for math_sb
  • Avatar for everdred
    New album!
  • Avatar for cadavreflex
    The Ridge
  • Avatar for Signaltree
    WTF this guys made the intro song for Soul reaver 1 !!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for DjsMix74
    Pure Energy 80's!!! :-0
  • Avatar for manu36vlcia
    impresionante tema ...que los llevo al exito..
  • Avatar for mattaui
    Hey, new InSoc! Really like it.
  • Avatar for TheJebber
    The new album is AMAZING. Easily the best since their first. I am particularly obsessed with "Where Were You," "Get Back (DeathProof Remix)" and "Creatures of Light and Darkness." Thanks, guys!
  • Avatar for gx2066
    New album is great!
  • Avatar for spacecircus
    awesome new album B)
  • Avatar for ClaudinhoBitten
    "So drop your hesitations and come with me"!! Marvellous music!
  • Avatar for FaSCoRP
    strange to not seem them with the "on tour" status, since they are coming for example in November 5th to Buenos Aires, Argentina, cheers.
  • Avatar for quiptiq
    _hello world pre-orders, deluxe box set, etc. at
  • Avatar for spacecircus
    finally after 10 years we're getting another album! Super excited here!
  • Avatar for quiptiq
    Stream the limited 12" vinyl re-issue of the INSOC EP (including previously unreleased 1982 instrumental track "Charentiesm") at
  • Avatar for quiptiq
    There are a bunch of Running 2K14 remixes, available on iTunes and elsewhere. They're decent.
  • Avatar for Andresfac383
    Saw them twice last weekend during the Colombian Tour. Great gigs!!
  • Avatar for quiptiq
    FLAC available at
  • Avatar for Akatian
    I'm so excited!
  • Avatar for FaSCoRP
    The new single is here: and you can watch the lyric video also:
  • Avatar for ketamineface
    love it.
  • Avatar for FakePlasticDick
    Great on studio, but they suck playing live.
  • Avatar for spacecircus
    are they releasing a new album soon? (they uploaded an interesting video to their youtube channel). It also seems it's just gonna be Paul and James again, I was really hoping Kurt would be part of the new album since he's been touring with them recently. Oh well :(
  • Avatar for Akatian
    All my luff for this band.
  • Avatar for DSM-IV
    no Ozar Midrashim on top played, for shame [2]
  • Avatar for ayalorius
  • Avatar for DJSMusicfactory
    The 80's 4ever!!! :-)
  • Avatar for FaSCoRP
    if any of you have the samples for the remix contest for "Baby Just Wants" I would like to have them to be able to use them. Much appreciated!
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    as much as i love soul reaver and ozar midrashim, insoc has done many other better tracks...
  • Avatar for FaSCoRP
    C'mon people, we have to reach one million!
  • Avatar for DJSMusicfactory
    Classic 80's!!! :-)
  • Avatar for Okami--
    Too bad Don't Be Afraid seems to be an unknown album. [4]
  • Avatar for dArk_Angel013
    no Ozar Midrashim on top played, for shame
  • Avatar for thaynalmeida
    Peace & Love Inc is the best album!
  • Avatar for FaSCoRP
    Yes, it is strange about Peace & Love not being in the top 15. Anyway yesterday arrived my "It's useless to resist us" dvd. I'm very happy! Too bad they did not perform "Synthesizer"
  • Avatar for pessimystica
    how is Peace & Love Inc NOT in the top 15?!?!
  • Avatar for Morckify
    Too bad Don't Be Afraid seems to be an unknown album. [3]
  • Avatar for Evilmantheone
    Where's Ozar Midrashim in the top tracks Oo ? That's the main theme of the legendary Soul Reaver !
  • Avatar for maacock
  • Avatar for andreyzice
  • Avatar for V1011215
    I second that question. IMO, DBA is a outstanding album and I'm clearly failing at finding something like that.
  • Avatar for drakonche
    Any recommendations for albums like Don't Be Afraid?
  • Avatar for DJSMusicfactory
    Insoc rocks!!! :--)
  • Avatar for Pikoleh
  • Avatar for smellslikemanga
    fodas ♥
  • Avatar for SabbathHippy
    Too bad Don't Be Afraid seems to be an unknown album.
  • Avatar for DJSMusicfactory
    What's on your MIND????? Pure Energy!!!! :-)


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