• Black Market Radio - Suicide Parlour

    29 Sep 2006, 03:09 by MrModernRock

    Every so often an album comes along that takes you to a trip to the past, but your feet are still standing on ground in the present. Its not only nostalgic, but its fresh and full of life. The radio is filled with entire playlists of Seattle rock wannabes. There are countless singers out there who try their damnedest to be the next Chris Cornell or Eddie Vedder, but only end up sounding like a local Seattle cover band. Then add in the fully distorted, couldn't touch Kim Thayil with a mile long pole, guitar players and unfortunately you have the new breed of mainstream hard rock. While these Seattle wannabes may sound nostalgic, they aren't fresh and they sound like they just came out of a Rick Rubin factory.

    Yet, lying beneath the underground of hard rock is a reminder of the good ol days. Slow, sludgy, chainsaw riffs. A haunting, mysterious vocalist. The rhythm section that throws on a hard beat and makes the atmosphere of the album oh so right. …