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  • torge_d

    Even their page is offline now.. What's the source for those upcoming shows? It's one of those bands I've wanted so see live for 10 years. :)

    March 2015
  • bloody72

    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Indukti

    December 2014
  • qw3red

    пацаны ваще ребята

    November 2014
  • MultiverseMann

    Love the SOUND of this BAND

    June 2014
  • Bizon

    yeah, the band is working on some shows, more news later this year ;)

    April 2014
  • blinderharry

    Any news about Indukti?

    March 2014
  • Taira_Yoshiyuki

    Tusan Homichi Tuvota is orgasmic. Vote for exclusive Nils on the next!

    November 2013
  • Abbas-P

    I just started listening... IT'S FUCKING AMAZING!

    October 2013
  • xVictimOfADownx

    Except Indukti >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tool. These guys are much more progressive/experimental.

    October 2013
  • HydenAcero

    Fucking awesome band. If you like Tool, you will love Indukti. Their songs are such a hypnotic ritual...

    September 2013
  • musicsdope

    AWESOME Much respect

    August 2013
  • SacredUnholy

    S.U.S.A.R. is great btw

    June 2013
  • SacredUnholy

    any track with Duda's voice on it deserves a click on Love button

    June 2013
  • Soulamazing_

    new album already focks

    May 2013
  • torge_d

    Hey fellow Indukti listeners, my instrumental progressive rock band Ysma has just released their first album, Vagrant. It's fully streamable and two songs can be downloaded for free. Feel free to check it out and post what you think! :)

    May 2013
  • Sanity_Theorist

    Some of the best prog I've heard, bravo!

    April 2013
  • barcisz


    March 2013
  • aphoticapathy

    Pure bliss.

    February 2013
  • Maccim

    бля реально суперская группа!

    January 2013
  • stevekeiretsu

    agreed with last few (english) comments... amazing, new album please!!

    December 2012
  • nofink

    muzyczne odkrycie roku :o jakis koncert moze?

    December 2012
  • Decadentor

    Please new album and some tour

    December 2012
  • erdemkorkmaz

    unique band..waiting for the new album..

    December 2012
  • nikonas

    new album please!

    December 2012
  • Danial_vedadi

    do you know you are fucking awsome ?? U R BETTER THAN OPETH , Porcupine Tree and Tool im really VIP fan =))) \M/

    December 2012
  • No_Obligation

    Ale zajebiste. Dlaczego to jest tak mało znane w Polszy? :OOOO

    December 2012
  • andreyamity

    по моему одни из самых лучших на современной тяжелой прог сцене

    November 2012
  • mutinuscaninus


    September 2012
  • LefterisDel

    Check out this band from Greece! With 1 album and 1 EP already out and a new album on the way (on the mastering phase) pure prog from Until Rain!!!!!

    August 2012
  • Mritghosht

    pure and tranquil.....Indukti. waiting for the new album..... eagerly..... indukti is notch.

    July 2012
  • Post-Avantist

    Am I the only one who found this through that home made Metropolis video?

    June 2012

    mamma mia che bravi!!

    June 2012
  • pieniek63

    Samego Indukti nie, ale za to w czwartek koncert zespołu dwojga muzyków Indukti:!

    May 2012
  • Wducha1

    Są jakieś koncerty na 2012? :(

    May 2012
  • -Ohtar-

    Kolejna niedoceniana i praktycznie nieznana w Polsce bardzo utalentowana grupa ludzi. Świetny progresywny metal!

    May 2012
  • Mistermasyl

    Wielkie urodziny audycji za PROGiem. Wygraj płyty Riverside, Pendragon, Airbag, Gazpacho, Discipline, Lebowski, Sylvan. W programie analiza "H to He Who...' od VDGG. Nie możesz tego przegapić :)

    March 2012
  • Neue_regel_

    @Vlassar 'Tool' who?? They are not even so prog rock oriented. Not to mention instruments like violins in Indukti which really make a difference !!! And yet not even 100K listeners here..They deserve some more. Maybe, to reach Riverside's popularity level.

    March 2012
  • xapg

    Idmen is pure awesomeness.

    March 2012
  • instintivo

    Are you kidding me? S.U.S.A.R. is by far their best album. The passion, the instrumentation, the vocals (thank you Mariusz)... Seriously...

    March 2012
  • aldrignedigen

    pretty underrated

    March 2012
  • snewso

    forge of clouds is another good polish progressive sludge metal band.

    February 2012
  • LunaticSoul_

    IDMEN is such an amazing album compared to SUSAR that I'm quite shamed to see that only the first one is the most listened.

    February 2012
  • lvkis3k

    Koncert z Taffem na wokalu w 'And who's the God now'

    February 2012
  • Jean-esse

    Indukti = Eargasm :)

    February 2012
  • JohnLateralus

    Sexy Level: 9.1/10

    February 2012
  • Decadentor

    Make a tour :)

    February 2012
  • didgeridoo-fm

    Please support our group: Please answer welcome for new ideas with the didgeridoo..

    January 2012
  • zoidb_1221

    Music worth purchasing! Ninth Wave=awesome

    January 2012
  • kilstrit

    Nie wiem ile słucham polskiej muzyki i nie obchodzi mnie to

    January 2012
  • suczo

    better than everything! [3]

    January 2012