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  • Avatar for rekluz
    one of the best songs ever. bass is great.
  • Avatar for hf1809
    great song**
  • Avatar for epicraid
    I could listen to this forever.
  • Avatar for barium62
    It's amazing to me that this song doesn't get the recognition that it seriously deserves. This has to be some of the best lyrics Brandon has ever written.
  • Avatar for DexterCJ-
    Reminds me of Root by Deftones
  • Avatar for Storchel
    Love it...
  • Avatar for bazooka-joe76
    So don't let the world bring you down. Not everyone here is that fucked up and cold.
  • Avatar for HarryFearless
    I think Brandon should get his dreads back.
  • Avatar for HarryFearless
    Good message.
  • Avatar for HimitsuUK
    Perfect song.
  • Avatar for Ezekiel22
    Flawless victory.
  • Avatar for JamiesaurusRexx
    Such a kickass song.
  • Avatar for TJMONKEYS
    My favorite album from them. Simply love it.
  • Avatar for DeathByPOGs
    still giving me chills
  • Avatar for olyb12
    a great tune just to chill to
  • Avatar for ackers07
    Don't let the world bring you down, not everyone here is that fucked up and cold <3 how could this band have passed me by up until just last year... oh yeah... they're not British! (never hear of Incubus here). We're stuck with Oasis, Coldplay and Snow Patrol. :/ Lapped up by those under a democratic pretence.
  • Avatar for QueenKei
    Not everyone here is sad fucked up aaaaaaaand coooooooooooooooooooooooold
  • Avatar for Vynex
    The riff that kicks in at 3 minutes should twirl into blasting for hours.
  • Avatar for nathanmorais
    Not everyone here is sad fucked up aaaaaaaand coooooooooooooooooooooooold
  • Avatar for whoknoz
    preeeeeeetty awesome
  • Avatar for Flux_Tempo
    one of my favorite songs, ever. period.
  • Avatar for locaterohan
    awesome track.
  • Avatar for xxxRafaMarsxxx
    i love the Brandon voice in this song ! :)
  • Avatar for MarkLepe
  • Avatar for davidvalentinn
    My favourite song.. :)
  • Avatar for edge-of-summer
    My favourite incubus song.
  • Avatar for sbouy_311
    My fav
  • Avatar for ackers07
    the "whale" sounds just don't compare to those in 'Drown' by smashing pumpkins, more like those are killer whale sounds, heh! like the meaning in this song, there is warmth to be found in this cold world.
  • Avatar for ViperGuy
    nice! ☺
  • Avatar for othersider95
  • Avatar for ProgRocker153
    Song kicks so much ass
  • Avatar for thefigdublover
    this is the first song i ever got high to.
  • Avatar for victor-
  • Avatar for danygirlinlove
    incubus for life.
  • Avatar for DamienLonghorn
    Forgot for just a second why I was here until this shuffled into my ear. Reminds me of seeing them and a radius of girls for 6 ft around me. Oh how I love music that wakes you up!
  • Avatar for jh0we
    i was so stoned the first time i heard this, back in like 2006 when i was 16. my friend was playing the cd in his car and we were driving around doing doughnuts in the snow. and this song came on and it just hit me so hard. everyone in the car was just quiet and listening. it was the reason i got really into incubus and it's been one of my favorite songs since. <3
  • Avatar for ND4WhoLeeOh
  • Avatar for Spassquadrat
    strange to hear this song while working on sound of the same whale species :-) But a great song!
  • Avatar for shaneomac1
    kewl band
  • Avatar for skittles_yum
    This song is so uplifting...oh how I love you Brandon <3
  • Avatar for Stilshrine
    Favorite of what I've heard of their music.
  • Avatar for daydreamer5902
    the whale sounds are the best. well.... so is everything else. all around amazing song.
  • Avatar for haexa
    all time fav song by them...
  • Avatar for D-Kode
    love the whale song for the intro..very peaceful and relaxing
  • Avatar for Pat-John
    Amazing song, the chorus is fucking powerful I agree. And the guitar work is marvelous!
  • Avatar for softcoeur
  • Avatar for juanbrujox
    The message in the chorus is so fucking powerful... at least when you're passing through troubles and stuff... and yes, listening this song stoned is an unique experience
  • Avatar for mairak1984
  • Avatar for PdotEasy
    The "intro" always reminded me of the sounds that whales make when they communicate!
  • Avatar for thosch71
    so full of hope... and so meditative... me liko mucho


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