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  • <3
  • Really great. Followed me for many years of my life, barely left my playlist...
  • 1m :D
  • Oh, such a beautiful song... perfect to, erm, drive to.
  • This one brings back so many memories... I love it
  • my fav:)
  • Comm'on, 1m :<
  • Love it!!!!
  • my favorite song :)
  • wow 25m listens. hmmm ... that popular?
  • can't believe this came out in '99. time flies
  • if you're a fan of Incubus, I hope you will check out my band The Anywheres...we've made our whole album free! Check it:
  • 90s, mellow, FAVORITE SONG
  • check out some of the live versions <3
  • can't stop to hear it o// its a classic, their best one
  • Lol I hate to be a party pooper but you're all right: this song is boring, easy to listen to, catchy, introspective and well-written. It's one of those love for a while, but I just played the wow factor out of it.
  • Dude, man, I just totally dig this song it makes me chill but, at the same time allows me to think. Sure they have other great songs but, how many of there other songs does pretty much everyone like without there actually being something wrong with the song.
  • Classic.
  • love it! always have an always will
  • Very overrated. It is a great song, I love it, but Incubus has other songs that are much, much more stronger than this one. And yes, it is a bit boring.
  • YOU are boring when you say that this is boring - its great!
  • yay
  • <3
  • I love it!!
  • a classic
  • I like this song!!!!!
  • it's great live very Earth-moving no matter what anyone thinks!
  • Yes i too agree that this song is not their best but is pretty damn awesome thoo...
  • I agree that it's very overrated and not their best, but I still like it a lot. (:
  • I agree, very overrated and i don't really like acoustic songs.
  • I just wanna shout that everybody should listen to sick sad little world thats an awesome song!!!
  • yeah it is. but i still like it.
  • by far the most overrated Incubus song in the history of the world and further...


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