• 5 albums of 09 - in no order and omitting some

    17 Dec 2009, 18:54 by scorpiusdiamond

    I didn't finish doing a write up of 09 albums. I might, I might not...

    The Dead Weather

    Jack White returns with another side project, this time in the beefed up, grunge-ridden noise factory of The Dead Weather. The fuzzy racket proves to be a continuation of the lo-fi feel that White peruses. And yes, the album is fundamentally a Jack White record with layers upon layers of blues rock, humble introspection and tasteful criticisms that resounds with everything he’s ever done. Horehound is full of scything barrages of riffs and clashing keys, shown in full force on ‘Treat Me Like Your Mother’ (which was accompanied by an incredible video). Angry and brutal, with another record underway, The Dead Weather have not really been a mainstream attraction but are certainly another fantastic back to the future endeavour.

    Incubus - Monuments And Melodies

    Although half of the music on the double album is a best of, there are also fantastic b-sides…