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  • Avatar for bobo9390
    If the music is good, the music is good, fuck genres [2] genres are strictly for newcomers to music
  • Avatar for NargaCuuga
    Death/Thrash Incubus, where?
  • Avatar for GNR27
    If the music is good, the music is good, fuck genres
  • Avatar for yurizinbitch
    aqueous transmission
  • Avatar for annamxria
    why are metalheads so snobbish and unbearable? i'd rather spend a week babysitting fifteen beliebers than spend an hour with one metalhead
  • Avatar for dbzmad342
    S.C.I.E.N.C.E. is their best album
  • Avatar for CatalystDM
    Incubus taught me that if you have to ask "If not now, when?" the answer is never
  • Avatar for VLADSPAIDER666
    Death - Thrash Incubus
  • Avatar for lul_peter
    DEATH THRASH Incubus!!!!! pop Incubus are distorting my charts dammit
  • Avatar for iak-sakkath
    death thrash Incubus is the best Incubus, other one sucks.
  • Avatar for RabbitRicochet9
    Странная группа,но вокал крутой
  • Avatar for pro-psy
    A new rock band from London, I see Foo Fighters, QOTSA and classic rock feel in it. give it a shot and spread the word rock heads. Here is the link to their debut single, enjoy:
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    Jimmie's Chicken Shack is one of the best Uncle Rock bands, but they aren't on the same level as Incubus.
  • Avatar for lastfm_tntmaxx
    Sign to bring back old :
  • Avatar for Zach216
    Not better than Jimmie's Chicken Shack. Not even close...
  • Avatar for Gigudrion
    First 2 albums sounds like Sick Puppies
  • Avatar for JackWillowbee
    I'm starting a new music review blog and need some followers, I figured my friends over on the Incubus page would help a brother out!!! Music reviews starting in 2016, for now my top 100 favorite albums of all time. See where Incubus' records fall! (
  • Avatar for jelgerw
    What Beccawilsonxx says is the truth. Hallelujah.
  • Avatar for Beccawilsonxx
    Anyone still active on the Incubus IOV Forum? If you're a fan, you should be!
  • Avatar for lastfm_tntmaxx
    Sign to bring back old :
  • Avatar for annamxria
    zach stop advertising your band
  • Avatar for SirJane
    We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • Avatar for Zach216
    [artist]Alien Ant Farm[/artist] > Incubus... similar vocal styles but AAF are cooler, tighter and quirkier...
  • Avatar for instant-nature
  • Avatar for LUCE08
    I miss Incubus!
  • Avatar for LUCE08
    I miss Incubus!
  • Avatar for FelipeSoares12
    new ep is cool
  • Avatar for MolinRE
    One of the bands, which has every album beatiful in it's own way. If you like the band itself, you will never be bored. At least it's truth for me.
  • Avatar for CagedElephants
    In The Company Of Wolves <3
  • Avatar for Kuba2704
    great show in Moscow!
  • Avatar for jelgerw
    While the least exciting setlist out of the four times I've seen them, I thought they put on a great show. Lot of energy and the band clearly had a good time, which is always good to see.
  • Avatar for Olivavu
    Last night's gig in London stank. Awful setlist.
  • Avatar for -Miles-
    The Real Incubus changed name for [artist]Opprobrium[/artist]. They released again "Beyond The Unknown" and "Serpent Temptation" under new name. If You want support with Your scrobbles thrash/death metal Incubus not indie rock band change artist name in mp3 tags for [artist]Opprobrium[/artist]
  • Avatar for andreluisfonk
    WOW! "Trust Fall", such a powerful song!
  • Avatar for scarface_1987
    Incubus is a underrated NWOBHM band!
  • Avatar for endoftheocean
    Everyone seems to want an album that sounds like 1999 Incubus. Personally I just want something that sounds like 2015 Incubus. But I also want 2015 Incubus to be good.
  • Avatar for NinnyHonestLiar
    Death/Thrash metal Incubus!!!
  • Avatar for jelgerw
    Sure :)
  • Avatar for ericmroberts23
    @jelgerw of course it's not realistic, but a guy can dream.
  • Avatar for jelgerw
    I would love to have a song as good as Everlong from Foo Fighters too, but you got to ask yourself: are my hopes/expectations realistic? And if you long for a band to go back to a certain sound they had 16 years ago, it's very likely that they are not. So clinging on to them is very likely to ultimately lead o disappointment.
  • Avatar for ericmroberts23
    @jelgerw I would certainly love another everlong.
  • Avatar for milica_zekavica
    They will always be my all-time favorite band.♥
  • Avatar for jelgerw
    You're asking for a follow-up on an album 16 years old. So yeah, probably. You're not expecting another Everlong from the Foo Fighters, are you?
  • Avatar for ericmroberts23
    Is "Make Yourself" Part 2 too much to ask for?
  • Avatar for Walenta
    Heavy Pop Review:
  • Avatar for jelgerw
    New lyric video for Make Out Party:
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
    Love this Music
  • Avatar for gastriv
    Love all the 8 Incubus bands.
  • Avatar for knight_88
    Just wish they would do a throwback to albums like Make Yourself and S.C.I.E.N.C.E. [2]
  • Avatar for zekecool86
    Anyone got Dance Like You're Dumb at hand to PM me? Naughty to ask but so what... :P


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