• In Strict Confidence

    21 Jan 2006, 10:57 by hilarion

    Good bands don't come very often to Finland. Fortunately there are some who do. The next concert I'm going to see is In Strict Confidence, one month from now. They are supported by the Finnish EBM group Kuroshio Current which I'm also eager to see live for the first time.

    So if you're going to see ISC on the top of this week's Artist Chart, you know why. Last week they were already at third place, but this week I've been listening to them even more, mainly because I finally got around to listening their latest album Holy.

    It's a very good album, one of their best. I don't like the singles Babylon and Seven Lives that much, but for example Closing Eyes and The Darkest Corridors are really amazing songs. They're really catchy and very danceable and I love the way female and male vocals work together in those songs. I also like the heavier songs Eye Of Heaven and Another Night. Also the atmospheric closing track Alpha Centauri is very beautiful, although I think it's a bit too long.