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In Flames

Episode 666 (3:36)


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  • Goddamn...kickass riff
  • i like a lot of repetitive music but this, got really boring over the years.
  • 1:42=goosebumps.
  • 1:39
  • @Dzimihendirx - you must be kidding me, Tokyo Showdown sucks more than any porn star
  • This song is my 666th play on Last.Fm! :D
  • Tokyo Showdown > Whoracle version little faster- way better
  • Of course the solo is epic too :D
  • The part before the solo is really epic :>
  • You’ve scrobbled this track 235 times. You first scrobbled it on 27 Oct 2006. You love this track.
  • this one brought me into more extreme music 14 years ago and is still one of my favourites ..THX In Flames
  • Eagerly awaiting Episode 667*
  • Awesome stuff \m/
  • live this song rocks, but thats it
  • After almost 14 years now this track still sounds brand new. <3
  • <3
  • One of my favourites.
  • 좋은 노래
  • Best song ever.
  • Awesomeness. "Destination chaos!!"
  • Good song!
  • whoracle. hehe. this is EPISODE 666.
  • Destination....CHAOS !!!!!
  • 53 place? what the fuck?
  • one of best In Flames songs :))
  • anders friden is truly a genius
  • Me neither...
  • 51 place? can't believe it...
  • all i can say is...........FUCK YES!!!!
  • Proving that melodeath isnt a genre so medicore like some people believe..
  • Always loved this!
  • Very good, like lot of their early songs.
  • back when in flames was Great - damn what has happened guys. Last album i like a lot was Clayman. After that i really dont care for much of it - a song here and there maybe but none of the cd's as a whole. Still though all in flames before and including clayman is GREAT.
  • love the break at 1:44
  • \m/ ガツンと来る \m/
  • <3
  • the song is at 47th place...not fair :(
  • This is Episode 666!!!
  • it's been ages ago since I heard this awesome melodeath song the last time...7 years maybe on a garden party I guess =D omg and I rediscovered it just now... shame on me lawl
  • \m/, (^_^) ,\m/
  • Excelent Song 666!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • great song
  • <3
  • Episode 666!
  • Episode666!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • In Flames The best! Awesome song!!
  • Just perfect.
  • awesome song \m/
  • destination... chaos!
  • whoa!


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