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  • Avatar for YgorKnight69
    Excellent Sound by In Flames
  • Avatar for cloudkicking
    V agreed, boring as fvck
  • Avatar for wormvortex
    yawn. As boring as every other song on this album
  • Avatar for Sarmiczek
    "I burn when I do the things I do for you Forever, the night, it's all for me now I’m sure that one day I can get you… all that you lost" Fuckin' Amazing!
  • Avatar for yen4th
    \/ you mean mdm?
  • Avatar for fattenlight93
    I still prefer older In flames when they were true bm but this is ok
  • Avatar for Deathcore87
    So ein geiles lied <3
  • Avatar for JoonzA
    Awesome clean vocals!
  • Avatar for BlackLTD401
    Schweden !!!
  • Avatar for fuzbox
    its okay; i miss the non-emo, lacking teenage angst IN FLAMES from the 90s. old fashioned, i guess :/
  • Avatar for daaldi91
    Like most of the other songs from the new album better but this one is also not bad ;D Ropes has the most amazing riff ever :D
  • Avatar for VengeanceZero
    Perhaps, the best song on the album!
  • Avatar for Jack_Pisanu
    the best song of the new album!
  • Avatar for Metality
    I love the escalating drum pattern in the beggining. A whole fucking lot.
  • Avatar for danteruivo666
    great album. haters gonna hate (2)
  • Avatar for IgurIgrevic
    nice intro
  • Avatar for Dyomaeth
    And it's all for me NOOOOOW!!!!
  • Avatar for MCIS
    One of my favorites from the album. Great intro, great bridge and great vocal-hooks.
  • Avatar for TakeThisLife-
    I was enjoying the song, until I heard Friden's vocals
  • Avatar for Metal4ever88
    @ Inquisitor83: Do some research before you post false shit like that. Jesper left due to his alcohol abuse problems.
  • Avatar for applehorn
    I clench my hands and bang my head!
  • Avatar for FJChaos
    The chorus reminds me of recent Amorphis for reasons I don't know
  • Avatar for zaakjes_
    my favorite from this album
  • Avatar for mamozimnomi
    ja pierdole. mistrz!
  • Avatar for ugurcambaz
    gotta love the chorus!
  • Avatar for vmlca
    intro is fucking good!
  • Avatar for Mario_57
    Key change is atrocious, it has got a old school feel but it sounds so cliche and predictable...
  • Avatar for kereealazer
    That it was going to be an old school IF song based off the intro.
  • Avatar for Metality
    The intro is beyond wonderful. Really does scream "In Flames" to me - and classic In Flames at that! Hell, I associate In Flames with that just as much as the thick, melodic soundscapes they used to create, so it was much appreciated, and I respect them greatly for the decision to include it. I have not listened to the whole album yet, but I hope there's more like that. A little touch that tells us this is still In Flames.
  • Avatar for MatkoIsOnFire
    Epic Chorus
  • Avatar for moobie
    inquisitor shut the fuck up you wee wank...... if jesper left cause he saw the "direction" he'd have left after reroute get it up ye ya wee cunt old in flames and new in flames are awesome ne wanting to listen to melo death dont lok towards in flames dnt know what you expect ppl i guess like a good moan
  • Avatar for condiz
    great album. haters gonna hate
  • Avatar for Jaifman
    Love at first "Sight"
  • Avatar for Inquisitor83
    Just fucking horrible shit, its like Anders having a breakout from Drug rehabilitation...just so wrong. Wont need to think why Jesper left...he foresaw the direction...
  • Avatar for traqua89
    What? Yes. No. What? No. Yes. What?
  • Avatar for rym44
    I like it after 2-3 listens :)
  • Avatar for Maverick432
    To me it is one of the best songs on the album.
  • Avatar for Pk_FMS
    Helt klart bästa låten på skivan!
  • Avatar for Drew079
    One of the weaker songs on an otherwise excellent album.
  • Avatar for Aru10
    nice one
  • Avatar for applehorn
    Vilket gung, vilken känsla och vilket trummspel!
  • Avatar for psycaffeine
    love the no-distortion parts
  • Avatar for KeenanJohnston
    Love the acoustic intro. Classic In Flames.

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