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In Fear and Faith

Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio Cover) (4:04)


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  • coolio! duh earworm... bad cover
  • Haha...love this cover:)
  • Does anyone know the original to this, because Al Yankavisk did one too?...
  • The best rap cover ever.
  • i like this version better than the original ^.^
  • hee-hee I love screamo covers ^^
  • cool
  • nice
  • Surprisingly good.
  • This works strangely well in this form :)
  • Don't know what cba means but yeah, any time I'm on here I'm usually working too, which I'm almost never on here anymore anyway
  • Alwayssss gonna love IFAF. Nomnomnomnom
  • >_> I cba arguing anymore, I am usually in work whilst on here and I'm too busy Working/trying to enjoy this track.
  • Thank you danny, for proving my last comment true by still whining. You have proved to be a relentless foe by never letting this go and continuing to nag me about it. I admire your efforts, but seriously, It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!! Lighten up a bit.
  • Snowboarder, please don't try and back up your previous retarded comment.
  • itz a crap!! coolio 4 life!!
  • im the kinda G the little homies wanna be like!
  • YES
  • haha dannyboy182's hatin again! I love Linkin Park and I know exactly what nu-metal is, 1/2 of my ipod is screamo the other half is that. And I also love how I say one thing to him and yet he's still complaining about it, and yeah they sing choruses, that's it which they need some auto-tune to actually make their voice sound good, only middle schoolers listen to all that 'pop' crap which rap is now categorized in according to many sites including itunes, so why don't you just screw off and stop complaining you whiny bitch
  • So good!
  • o.O
  • In Fear and Faith - Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio Cover) _________________ ^ [url=http://www.last.fm/group/MMFWCL]MMFWCL[/url]^
  • awesome
  • damn you weird al i heard in my mind Amish paradise
  • Whoa! This is GOOD!
  • touche
  • hahaha..cute :P
  • Nu-Metal has been around for years (Linkin Park) and pretty much most rap tracks have singing in it.
  • Snowboarder dude is retarded.
  • First rap song that i ever heard with actual singing in it!!! (and yes, i am referring to the fact that rap is just some black dude talking............ mostly about his crappy drug infected life and all things he wishes and dreams about doing to a chick)
  • sucks
  • Dangerous Minds I believe was the title of the movie.
  • criminla minds anyone?? Michelle Pfieffer.. sooo hot!!! man im old...
  • The beginning reminds me of BMTH- Don't Go o:
  • gangsta gangsta.
  • this song is fucking amazing, makes me wanna do a drive buy with tater guns
  • idk why but this song reminds me of still fly by dwp xD
  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
  • their best song.
  • Love, love, love it!
  • more gangsta rap covers @screwpopmusic
  • this is the song that got me into IF&F
  • nice :P
  • they should do more rap covers
  • Thumbs up :]]
  • Gotta love this!
  • i spend all my days livein in a gangsta paradise XD
  • When i walk through the valley and the shadow of DEATH!!!!! i see that i have nothing left!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck yeah the best!


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