• A List of Hilarious Screamo/Emo/Hardcore/General Punk Song Names

    12 Jul 2010, 13:50 by UpTheAlden

    a fine boat, that coffin
    Eine Frage: Design oder Fratze? (Translated: One Question: Style or Grimace?)
    Ins Fernsehen?! Wo Muss Ich Unterschreiben? (Translated: I Can Be on TV? Where Do I Sign Up?)

    Algernon Cadwallader
    Yo Soy Milk
    Look Down (Because the Ground Is Easier to Understand and Doesn't Take So Much
    Work to Figure Out But I'd Rather Not Know Where I'm Standing and Have An Idea
    of What Life Is All About.)

    Reciting Poetry with a Full Mouth

    We're Not Dutch, But We Wear These Wooden Shoes Like We're From Montana
    Oh, You Must Have Mistaken John Elway For Someone Who Can't Throw A Vortex The Length of a Football Field
    If I'm Correct, There Should Be A Song Around Here Somewhere. Oh Yeah, Here It Is!
    In Conclusion, I'm Not Big On Quizzes, But Come Crunch Time or when It Counts, I'll Be There

    Backstabbers Incorporated
    I Don't Care How Many Times You've Seen Fight Club, You Are Not Tyler Durden
    **** (Four Stars)
  • Emo violence

    14 Nov 2008, 10:26 by anek_anek

    Emo violence seems to be one of those genres, where most of the people wishing to use it have no idea where it came from and what does it stand for. Not that it is impossible to find the answers.

    Emo violence is foremost a combination of and . From power violence it has taken the fast part and the hardcore part, from emo the screamy vocals (no barking as in pv then) and more varied pallete of emotions – not just pissed off anger (which means, if someone feels like using the term , he should have some sense of what power violence is [Crossed Out]). I recommend to have a listen of In/Humanity and Palatka, as these are definitely the most important. From some others, End of the Century Party, Jenny Piccolo or Guyana Punch Line (Chris Bickel from In/Humanity was screaming there). All in all there were like ten bands playing the genre.

    Today, due to the fact, that tag is spoiled, people tend to label as emo violence harsh diy screamo bands, which no longer have the pv influences. …
  • A list of Splendid Splendidness

    20 Apr 2007, 22:25 by Gnac

    This entry serves two main purposes: one is sort of useful and the other(s) is/are utterly stupid.

    First, the stupid reasons: to pimp this link in the artist pages of everyone I listen to, to shamelessly get people to click on it, and to annoy those who did.

    Second, to test a PHP script which automatically extracts data from Winamp generated HTML playlists - so I can honestly say that this DOES contain everything on my playlist at the time I made this entry.

    1300 Items

    1-Speed Bike (1-Speed Bike)
    13 & God (13 & God)

    3 Studies for a Crucifixion (3 Studies For A Crucifixion)
    324 (324)
    360° Positive Rockers (360° Positive Rockers)

    The 45 King + John Klemmer (The 45 King + John Klemmer)

    5th Garden (5th Garden)

    8-Bit Weapon (8-Bit Weapon)
    808 State (808 State)
    8up (8up)

    9 Lazy 9 (9 Lazy 9)

    µ-Ziq (µ-Ziq)

    A.P.E. (A.P.E.)
    Aavikko (Aavikko)
    Aavikko & Kabar (Aavikko & Kabar)
    Above the Law (Above the Law)
    Aceyalone (Aceyalone)
  • Love Lost vs In/Humanity (emo violence generation)

    23 Feb 2007, 21:53 by thedogfarted


    Visi zina, kas ir ... un tie, kas nezin, tiem arī tas droši vien nav jāzina =P

    Līdz šim es tikai divas grupas esmu pagodinājis ar šo tagu - In/Humanity un Love Lost but Not Forgotten. Un vairāk arī nevajag. Bet ne jau par to ir runa.

    Tā nu es kādā jaukā dienā pacēlu savu pakaļu no spilvena un nolēmu, ka ir īstais brīdis iebrist slsk un novilkt Violent Resignation: The Great American Teenage Suicide Rebellion 1992-1998 (kuru es pašlaik klausos). Kādi mani iespaidi? Šizo. Spārda mazus bērnus. Bet tomēr rēcīgi. No Love Lost but Not Forgotten man ir vairāk bail (SAVE ME FROM THE OUTSIDE WORLD!). Nopietni.

    Love Lost vs In/Humanity 2:1



    Everybody knows what is emo violence... and those who don't, probably are not supposed to =P

    So far only two bands have been good enough to tag them as emo violence - In/Humanity and Love Lost but Not Fogotten (their s/t). And there's no need to tag more. But that's not what this post is about.

  • wtf is emo?

    29 Sep 2006, 07:42 by xxfalsehalos

    "" (or ) is short for "." Despite what the tags, or the misinformed scenester will lead you to believe, emo originally started as a sub-genre of music, tagged sometime in the mid-80's to describe a particular style of bands wanting to escape the traditional standard of (Minor Threat era) and the violent scene at the time, giving way to a new wave of experimentation that would influence many bands to come. The term emo was derived from the fact that, on occasion, members of a band would become spontaneously and strongly emotional during performances. This term wasn't taken too lightly by some bands at the time, however.

    Rites of Spring are thought to be the first band labelled with this term, with their revolutionary End on End album. Hüsker Dü's 1984 album Zen Arcade is often cited as a major influence for the new sound. While many bands of this genre came to play seemingly different music altogether…
  • emo violence and why it does not exist

    3 Jun 2006, 05:12 by DunkSB

    I see alot of people tagging bands like Orchid, Saetia, etc.. as "Emo Violence". Emo-violence was a term made up by the band In/Humanity to half-jokingly characterize themselves as a band that related to both the emocore and powerviolence scenes back in 1995-96. Many powerviolence fans stood opposed to all brands of emo in the mid-90's even before that word became tainted and co-opted by the mainstream media. So, as a band borne from the emocore scene and continuing from the traditions of Born Against and Heroin, In/Humanity played up the "violence" side and the association with Prank Records, H:G Fact, and Sound Pollution Records to align themselves with heavier, more metallic powerviolence bands. It worked, and the band was well-liked by emo kids and powerviolence dudes alike.

    "Emo-violence" might have been used around the same time by record reviewers to describe the sounds of the Indianapolis band Ice Nine.

  • In/Humanity and Emo Violence

    20 Dec 2005, 13:46 by HumanIsFilth

    I've been listening to some In/Humanity lately and started thinking about . For those of you who don't know, In/Humanity started calling their music in the liner notes and talked about how the kids would take over the world. It's supposed to be a combination of and . Polar opposites. It seems some didn't see the humor in it and actually started their own "" bands. In/Humanity is a great band but I've never heard a good band. This is probably because they don't realize it's a joke and try to write their music to fit two styles that are the exact opposites of each other while In/Humanity just wrote whatever they felt like and made plenty of jokes along the way without taking it too seriously.

    With the rise of commercialized/bastardized that doesn't at all resemble the music that started it, I wonder if we'll one day turn on MTV to see a band crying heavily about something insignificant to a slow…