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Imperious Malevolence was joined at the end of '95 winter, with the purpose is to play a very heavy music, fast and aggressive, having as ideology the obscure and evil face of Death Metal extremes. In the same year of ´95 the band was released the first official demo-record entitled "From Eternal Vacuum Storms", that was worked until the exit of two ex members.

Then comes '98 and after exhibiting their music for two years mainly through live gigs around Brasil and South America, they starting record the first CD album, self-titled "Imperious Malevolence", including ten perverse dark themes of an extreme and evil Death Metal. This album was released during the year of '99 by "Deafen Music Edition" (Bra).

After this Imperious Malevolence did a small tour through Europe’s Land, crossing Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Czech Republic, when they played at Brutal Assault Open Air Fest. This tour was called "Hellropean Attack 2000".

Then after a time, these Brazilian Christhaters released their second full-length album, that also was recorded at Clínica Studios Curitiba. "Hatecrowded" album contain 13 invocations to the perverse gods, and was released in the year of 2002 by Deafen Music Edition (Bra).

They did a second attack over Europe, in the end of 2002 and beginning of 2003 playing live at countries as Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and some more. A 7" EP with 2 songs was recorded live in Germany and released through Merciless Records (Ger). Then they been released the first official DVD, titled "Kill Fuck and Destroy", that contains images of a gig in Brasil and some more live stuff. Imperious Malevolence plays Pure and Ravenous Satanic Death Metal, by the way it should be done.

At the year of 2005 the band signed a deal with evil horde records, and went to São Paulo, at Datribo studios, to make the record sessions for the newest album, namely "Where Demons Dwell".

•1995 - The band was created in august when Mano and Rafahell started to play togheter. "From Eternal Vacuum Storms" demo was recorded.

•1996 - Imperious Malevolence did a lot of gigs at several states in Brasil to promote their music.

•1997 - Original drummer was replaced by AntonioDeath.

•1998 - First full-length self-titled album was recorded at Clínica studio.

•1999 - Imperious Malevolence make a deal with Deafen Music (Br) to release a first and second albums.

•2000 - First promotional European tour, ten concerts in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Czech.

•2001 - Guitarist Maia had decided to leave the band.

•2002 - "Hatecrowded" album was recorded, and released, the second attack over Europe was made, twenty-four gigs over almost ten countries.

•2003 - More 30 concerts in Europe, on winter also was recorded an official DVD in Brasil, released in this year by dark side records. Also recorded a live performance, that was released on 7split EP by merciless records. This piece was called simple “Live in Germany.

•2004 - The band still playing alive to promote their music and ideology.

•2005 - Deal with EvilHorde Records was firmed, the record sessions were made at Datribo Studios, twelve new songs and a re-recording version of "Arquiteto da Destruição".

•2006 - "Where Demons Dwell" album is released.

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