• Shoot me in the face (Bad survey)

    15 Sep 2006, 21:19 by Xylemicarious

    Start with your top artist. Then go to their top similar artist, and then that artist's top similar artist and so on until you have 50. If there's a repeat, go to the second one or the highest one that you haven't done before.
    By the way, I don't really care about insulting bands that come up, so if you LOVE The Killers and Coldplay, you can leave. Or leave an insulting comment so as to give me an excuse to think you're a dumbass. Whatever you like.

    Started with Neutral Milk Hotel.

    1. The Decemberists- Awesome as hell.
    2. Sufjan Stevens- Also very good.
    3. Iron & Wine- Don't listen to him that much, but I really like him.
    4. The Shins- Uh oh. I really like these guys, but I have a feeling it's going to go down from here.
    5. The Postal Service- These guys are pretty good. Not amazing, but decent at least.
    6. Death Cab for Cutie- Ew. I used to like them a lot more, and some songs off Transatlantacism are still good, but overall I don't realyl like them.