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  • one of the best songs! so playful but lyrically amazing!
  • Love the production on this one!
  • Love that 'Grrrrrrrrrr' at 2:05 :)
  • Love this song!
  • love how chilling her voice is
  • lol fun stuff
  • Great!
  • weird song but I like it
  • kinda sounds like dude... o.O
  • Gonna roll you out on a pilates rubber ball!
  • This is a cool song!
  • This always gets me, actually because of the sound of water, I feel like there is really water falling in here lol
  • fun
  • Really makes you think and great blend of vocals.
  • Easy on the hears,but nice on nice on the eyes. BEAUTIFIUL
  • yeah
  • awesome
  • Que chingona canción! no hay otra expresión! I love her!
  • This video is so fucking awesome.
  • haha totally feeling the lyrics right about now
  • ♥ Hilarious! ♥
  • clever
  • This song is so cute.
  • im a hater ima hater ima hate-------r!
  • imogene! she is my new favorite
  • Just stumbled upon this. A great find. I've been meaning to listen to more Imogen Heap anyway...
  • Definately grows on you :) A very catchy and fun song.
  • I love this song. It is so great and teh background instrumental is just soothing. All around AMAZing song!
  • this song just grows on you. ♫ ♪ Say hi there to my bad body double This is my bad body double trouble ♩♬
  • I still <3 this song, even after hearing it almost 10 hours a week at dance practice :) The beat is amazing!
  • jason mraz?
  • Can't shake it...everywhere I go.
  • def not ambient... corky and ok i suppose
  • I hate the shower part at the beginning of the song, rest is fantastic though!
  • no. theres no video up here.
  • Kristanova - yeah I did the same thing =) The icy girl scene right? Anyone know if there's a video to this song?
  • heard this on heroes last night, recognized imogen heap's voice. :]
  • she's trouble, alright :)
  • One of the most annoying songs ever by an otherwise good artist.
  • damn, good
  • favourite song of the year. excellent stuff.
  • Such an excellent song!
  • agree smilingstar3, every single word you shouted..couldn't have said it better myself really.
  • Such a creative talent! I can't get this track out of my head.
  • At first I didn't like it, but the more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it. It's always stuck in my head!
  • I LOVE this track! =)
  • I really love this song - from a few reviews I've read it's seen as a 'weak' track. That's pisssssh far as I can see.
  • I lolled @ 2:07 XD, I know that feeling, great song!
  • hahaha... all the water sounds make me want to pee.


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