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Immensity was formed in the beginning of 2009 in Athens Greece by Andreas Kelekis (Guitars/Synth). In Fall 2010 Leonidas Hatzimihalis (ex Fatal Morgana, Equal Vector, Agnosia) took over the vocal duties. In the meantime new material was written and in search for the ideal members to complete Immensity. In the beginning of 2011 Drummer Yiannis Filippaios (Decemberance, Daylight Misery, ex- Ritual of the Black sun ) became the next official member. Bass player Giorgos Kritharis (also in Fortress Under Siege) and guitarist Christos Markopoulos came in together with Maria Zvyagina keyboards (ex Wine from Tears ) to complete the picture. Musically influences are drawn from artists like Daylight dies, Katatonia November's Doom, Before The Rain, My Dying Bride, earlier Anathema, Paradise Lost, Yearning,earlier The Gathering, Opeth, Green Carnation, Ahab, Isole, While Heaven Wept, Swallow The Sun, Primordial, Godgory, Falloch just to name merely a few, basically moving into Atmospheric Doom/ Funeral/Death Metal, Progressive waters and a plethora of inspiration literally from everywhere, but following its own path and frame of mind, whether it's metal or beyond terms the main goal is to evolve, maintain “immense” but also emotional and innovative as possible.The band has recorded a 2 song demo feature entitled "The Lonely Aquarelle" (2012). Main focus and current status : March-April 2014 in progress mixing debut (still untitled) album with new member and keyboard player Chrysa Kourenta .. more updates to come soon !!! Find out more about Immensity and download (still available and always for free) "the lonely Aquarelle" (2012) also at the following links: