• Moen is what we call home

    9 Mar 2010, 22:09 by ajantis1

    Listening to Moen - the new album by Swedish band Immanu El is like visiting old friends. They are more mature and experienced but other than that, nothing has changed. They are still as good as they used to be.

    In an interview given in Poland the vocalist of Immanu El Claes Strängberg explained the title of the album: Moen is a dialect word from a province where we’re from and to make a long story pretty short it’s a word that describes our home village in the highlands of southern Sweden. Swedish hill, piece of highland in that area is called moen. Moen is what we call our home. So, it’s pretty romantic, I must say.

    After releasing the first album They’ll Come, They Come we were wandering through beautiful valleys (In Valleys). They were vast and nostalgic like slow words of the song. Now it is not less interesting. We are in heights, where „it’s so quiet” (Agnes Day). Silent words of Claes contrast with strong beats of drums and guitars. In this brilliant way they showed silence with help of very loud music.