• CMW / Music Store Galore

    18 May 2009, 14:50 by Teishi

    So. Despite my loathing for "the industry" (or The Copyright Mafia) I actually went and bought a spankin' new Nokia 5800 Comes With Music-bundled hi-tec toy. I estimate the CMW / free-access to Nokia Music Store cost me roughly €150 - but goddammit if it wasn't worth it.

    Before I actually lost my marbles completely and went and bought it (or ordered it rather, seems hardly any stores actually stock the CMW bundle) I browsed through the 'Store and noticed Front Line Assembly, Chemlab and Diatribe - stuff I've already got, granted, but I had to start somewhere. Had a more thorough look and discovered heaps of industrial/industrial rock/industrial metal/industrial dance type stuff. And was hooked. Major kudos to who-ever stocks the store.

    Thought I'd post the industrial-ish stuff I've down'd so far (split into guitar-based and electro-based for convenience). A lot of this I haven't had time to check out properly yet, but I'm getting there.

  • In this kind of town...

    29 Jun 2006, 12:31 by monas

    Some items of note that have been on today's fairly laid back playlist. I say fairly laid back, it's miles away from a blissful chill-out compilation. In fact most of the songs are pretty uptempo. I should never have used the words 'laid back' describing the playlist. Anyway... songs of note:

    CKY - The Human Drive in Hi-Fi. The majority of volume 1 by CKY was solid rock 'n' roll gold and this songs was my favourite. It has wakka-wakka guitar and positively disco drum kit mixed with a gloomy fuzzy vocal delivery. The best bit is it's big chorus - It has hand claps. Hand Claps make everything good.

    Bullet Proof Sounds - Disturbed England. A Drum'n'Bass/Big Beat track with guitars. And it's very nice indeed.

    Imbue - The Gentle Art of Making Enemies. Yes, it's a cover of that Faith No More song. Pretty faithful to the original, just with more drum 'n' bass style breaks added. Excellent. I've even had people dancing to this at a rock club. …
  • CDs purchased: February 2006

    28 Feb 2006, 19:31 by EvanX

    Slave - This is a remaster & rerelease of Casey Chaos's first Amen demos. It was all him. He played all the instruments and produced. Needless to say, even though it's remastered, it's pretty rough. Not soemthing I'll be listening to a lot, but I'm happy I own it. I noticed that parts of soem songe became parts of other songs on later albums.Also, it's only available through their fan club.

    Join, or Die - This is a rerelase of their rare CD that they only sold on tour a few years ago. It's limited edition and Casey hand numbered then in his own blood. I got #3033 out of 4000! :D

    Tribute Of The Year - I got this on eBay for pretty cheap, mostly for the Grim Faeries cover of Jizzlobber. It's not pretty good. Unfortunatly, most everything else if pretty crappy. Out of 2 discs, about there is about 1/2 a disc worth of listenable Faith No More covers. Other highlights include - Bile (Midlife Crisis), Tub Ring (Mouth To Mouth), SMP (Another Body Murdered), and Imbue (the Gentle Art Of MAking Enemied). …