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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Ilya (a.k.a. San Ilya in the United States) is an English group who released a download-only album Comfort and Destiny in 1998 followed by several EPs and 2004's They Died for Beauty on Virgin Records and the again digital-only Somerset in 2006. They have since re-released Somerset in a self-published physical version, a new album, Hootchi Cootchi, under the name of Jo Swan and a collaboration with Belgian electronic artist Lunabee as Lunabee & Swan. Most charts info on this page (e.g. nine of the top ten songs in the overall charts) refer to this group.

In 2009 the third Ilya album, Carving Heads On Cherry Stones, was made available through the web site

In 2010, Ilya released the folky EP "All Around My Heart". Customers of the Ilyasounds website were also treated to a bonus mp3 - "Carrion Crows" - sent out with the email notifying them of the EP release.

In January 2012, Ilya released the album Fathoms Deep

Their official Web site is

2) ILYA, officially rendered in all caps, is an American band from San Diego, California consisting of Hank Morton and Matthew Baker on guitars and keyboards, vocals by Blanca Rojas, John Mattos on bass and drummer Geoff Hill. They have released such albums as Poise Is the Greater Architect and Leaving Sans-Souci. Their official Web site is

3) Ilya is also a music engineer and producer responsible for the trance electronica album Dreaming Loud.

4) Ottoman composer and poet of Greek origin (Istanbul, 1718 ?-1799 ?).

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