• Prog Acts by Popularity: Italian

    19 Jun 2011, 07:57 by Mark_H

  • Favourite recently-listened albums ( 2009 only )

    4 Jun 2009, 15:41 by Hellfan

    2009 has so far seemed to be a fruitful year for Prog. Actually, many bands are riding on the crest of the wave with their new albums. Let me name some that have blown my mind:

    Delirium - Il nome del vento

    A nostalgic flash-back to the roots of 70’s Italian Prog. After the first spin, I was fairly certain this was a fantastic work. And now , after perpetual rounds on my PC, I could even say the latest effort from Delirium is a top-class Prog album. I’ve been totally impressed with the lush symphonic moments, gorgeous tunes, superb techniques as well as harmonic textures. It’s too bad that not many people know such a great act.
    Stand-out tracks: Dopo il Vento, Verso il Naufragio,…
    My rating: 9/10


    What an album ! An incredible brew of old values & fresh materials. This music is exactly what I’ve expected from Neo Prog in its new era. It’s actually occupied my mind for many consecutive days. And the more I listen to this pure gem the more it grows on me. …