• Not a Bad Tuesday Night

    24 Mar 2010, 23:31 by PolyesterMan

    Tue 23 Mar – Apoptygma Berzerk

    I was on the fence about going to this show. I kept thinking about all the negative things that could happen, but I figured I was just worrying over nothing. I was right for the most part, but more on that later.

    THE ANTIX kicked off the show. I knew absolutely nothing about these guys, but they weren't bad. If I had to describe them, I'd say they sounded like a more electro rock influenced 30 Seconds to Mars. The highlight of their set for me was their cover of Filter's Hey Man Nice Shot. I dare say that was one of the best live covers I've ever heard.

    Hometown heroes Ikonoklast were up next. I was actually dreading their performance after the last time I saw them a couple weeks ago. Though I must admit, I actually enjoyed their set this time. Surprisingly, it wasn't because there was a total lack of obnoxious moshers (okay, it was partly because of that), but because the sound guy was on it and everything came out clear instead of a muddled…
  • Inane Ramblings

    16 Mar 2010, 12:29 by PolyesterMan

    Do people even read these things? I can say I rarely do, but then at the same time I rarely see any that look interesting. I doubt this one will look any more appealing, but what the hell.

    What am I up to at the moment? Well, I'm sitting at my desk browsing ridiculous groups on here while listening to Within Temptation. Gotta love those elitist groups on here. I'm quite fond of the We Don't Have Exponential Profiles group. A group where the gap between artists plays cannot be too far apart. I briefly wanted to join this dick waving contest until I soon realized that I don't structure what I listen to and I'd wind up listening to music even less so as not to disturb my charts. I actually came close to meeting the requirements once, but then I went on a huge Stabbing Westward binge and totally fucked that up.

    I also came across the Diverse? Prove it! group. An elitist group where your diversity rests solely on whether your top artist's play make up less than 3% of your overall plays. …