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One-man project, formed by Ivan Veljkovic, from Belgrade, Serbia . Ikikid started programming loops somewhere around September, 2004. First it was almost solely instrumental hip-hop, while his recent style could be described as mostly electronic, loop-driven music, with amounts of experimentation (non-standard song structures, irregular breaks, poly-rhythmic parts etc). Sometimes loud synth-guitars are added to give tracks a more metal-like pace, and sometimes the approach is more minimalistic, atmospheric, quiet and slow, making the music much closer to downtempo, ambient or trip-hop. Ikikid is also a singer in Serbian comedy metal band Seljačka Buna, since it's reunion in early summer 2010. Two other projects are included in Ikikid's opus: Hernia and Worried Hairball, both being industrial/instrumental metal attempts, that are yet to unfold.


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