• Swiss Family Robinson: SwissCast 007

    9 May 2010, 17:29 by safe-as-milk

    Listen up....the 007 Sean '2-step' Connery edition of the Swiss Family Robinson podcast has landed on your gourmet sunday evening dinner platter. So push aside that basics lamb shank and allow us to lay down the best beefy few beats and steppas that have materialised from the past few weeks. We kick things off with a mighty Deep Focus remix which has more surprises than your dad's linen closet. This leads into some underground sounds with a garage technicality from Late and Future Garage forum's home-grown talent, Josif. Reminisce on your wrong doings this weekend and let the upbeat, therapeutic claps and blaps in this weeks SwissCast take you to the island where Tom Hanks and Wilson are nowhere to be found.


    The xx - Intro (Deep Focus Remix)

    Numbernin6 - With You

    josif - Georgia

    Ike Release - Iridescent

    Late - Voices From the Night

    Plaebac - Somewhere In Between Theres You

    Apathesis - Begin
  • MY09

    29 Dec 2009, 23:14 by skerzo

    Another great year despite many claiming otherwise! Not sure what scale you can compare ALL the releases of when year to all of them from another year but below are 20 amazing albums and 6 amazing singles and they alone demand the attention of my ears every single day if their full quality is to be given any justice!

    As usual, split into divisions with no heirarchy within (alpha order, unless I was too tired and got it wrong!). I may be adding a best tracks bit at some point too.

    Thanks as usual to everyone for the recs and pointers and general enthusiasm for music that makes me feel happy to be part of this wonderful community of nerds.

    Top 5

    I have no idea what is going on with dubstep at the moment – for dubstep this would seem to be a good thing. The fact that it is becoming increasingly hard to pin down exactly what that word means is a testament to the sprawling landscape of musical exploration and cross-pollination that is steadily expanding from dubstep's roots. …