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  • Avatar for knight_88
    Nice, this is some interesting stuff!
  • Avatar for X-Musiclover_x
    Es como Sleepytime Gorilla Museum pero sin metal.
  • Avatar for Eshuei
    Holy fuck this is sheer brilliance
  • Avatar for davegahan13
  • Avatar for avantish
    In desperate need of reissues of their 3 glorious albums, especially a proper cd release of 'Tales of Instant Knowledge'.
  • Avatar for imadeyourealise
    the nothing show the nothing show the nothing show
  • Avatar for ReDDs3D
    Why is this so addicting?
  • Avatar for trsmecp
    @ storm_eagle, it just means a lot of people on listen to both. What's weird is that Sleepytime Gorilla Museum are not in the top similar artists.
  • Avatar for fuckam
  • Avatar for storm_eagle
    How exactly is Polkadot Cadaver similiar to this?
  • Avatar for antFz
  • Avatar for dr_bun
    reminds me of jethro tull
  • Avatar for katatsumurisan
    Sweet Comus tribute on Meditation, don't you think?
  • Avatar for dr_bun
    best album anyone??? i say maybe fancy
  • Avatar for circusmetal
    @thornspire: last I've heard of Gene Jun was Bargooma, a very cool band with Dave Grossman from unpronounceable and many more: if I'm not wrong he was also in one of Moe Staiano's cds, can't remember which one though.
  • Avatar for makethemdieslow
    Idiot Flesh makes me nauseous, like back-to-back rollercoasters.
  • Avatar for brianthe3rd
    I've been addicted to "Chicken Little" for the longest time. >___<
  • Avatar for N3t4
  • Avatar for kitchennehctik
    I wish I knew what happened to Jun so I could write him a letter telling him he is a fucking god and Meditation is the single greatest piece of music ever composed...but I can't find him anywhere. So instead I'll just talk about him in this here shoutbox
  • Avatar for drabreu
    Now that SGM is gone, I wish Idiot Flesh magically returned from the dead
  • Avatar for Thornspire
    Anybody know what happened with Gene Jun? Is he still active musically?
  • Avatar for thejackyl
    Wow, this was really good up until the end. Way to ruin a masterpiece, aptly named band.
  • Avatar for Baron_Krelve
    Soooooo Good!
  • Avatar for tommygundrums
    Ah, cool.
  • Avatar for punxtr
    So Idiot Flesh is making a new album, but they basically have a 'not any time soon' date. They have no money or time for it really. But, hell, it might just happen. This info came from Nils.
  • Avatar for avantish
    The nothing show is completely insane, think its my favorite as of yet
  • Avatar for thekidwiththefa
    I'm listening to Tales of Instant Knowledge for the first time, and it's kind of a cool Zappa/Bungle fusion sound to me.
  • Avatar for ReverendAustin
    Why did I go so long with out listening to this band?!?! - I'll echo this sentiment!
  • Avatar for epi_gee
    This weeks featured artists on LAST.FM: THE ROOTS AND BRANCHES OF [artist]Mr. Bungle[/artist], [artist]faith no more[/artist] & [artist]mike patton[/artist] and all connected groups and artists.
  • Avatar for punxtr
    "All I want is to fall in love, But I'll just keep on fucking!"
  • Avatar for GasolineTree
    for some reason, I love listening to their tales of instant knowledge when I'm getting drunk alone
  • Avatar for denscreams
    Good music )) another one ("behind the mask" to) enjoy ))
  • Avatar for CommetBoxJunky
  • Avatar for dougsharp
  • Avatar for RyanWSmallwood
    Blue Head sounds super familiar to me for some reason, but I'm almost positive I haven't heard it before. Anyone know if there are any super similar sounding songs elsewhere?
  • Avatar for GasolineTree
    can't decide whether Meat, Blue Head, or the Straw is my favorite song!
  • Avatar for kaioshimanski
    Mix the irreverence of Mothers of Invention and the dada humor of The Bonzo Dog Band with the psychedelia of 60's! We are "Os Freakadélicos" a brazillian band formed by teenagers with 15 and 17 years old! Listen our music on myspace!
  • Avatar for JamesHippieKid
    Why did I go so long with out listening to this band?!?!
  • Avatar for Thornspire
  • Avatar for gildermershina
    "Hyperventilate to the amazing antics of Beef Glutton and his harassable sponge."
  • Avatar for stevehazzard
    Idiot Flesh and Mr. Bungle? I dunno, I guess the first Bungle album 'feels' similar to The Nothing Show, but they're not really close musically. Tales of Instant Knowledge is more straight funk, and Fancy is more avant.
  • Avatar for LHarv
    I could listen to this stuff all day. Goes well with Barbecue.
  • Avatar for SagawaKemper
    the actual music is really amazing.
  • Avatar for winstonpilgrim
  • Avatar for kitchennehctik
    There is no point in trying to compare Idiot Flesh and Mr. Bungle because life on earth is impossible without either. And punxtr i really hope youre right about a new idiot flesh album because the world needs nothing more. Everyone check out my band which is heavily influenced by both bungle and idiot flesh.
  • Avatar for punxtr
    Okay. :P Let me add something though, both bands were aware of eachother and some members of one respected some members the other to some respects and none of them ever ripped off eachother. They developed along the same timeline.
  • Avatar for punxtr
  • Avatar for BeauxJangles
    wow no shit thanks for the heads up
  • Avatar for punxtr
    Btw, fine gentlemen here, there is a whole live set of Idiot Flesh videos on Youtube that include MOUTH, TWINGE, ARMADILLO BOX, AND TRAMPOLINES IN QUIKSAND! As well as the more common songs. I never thought they would do Mouth. Pretty sweet. Live in San Jose 1996.
  • Avatar for punxtr
    Probably me, I'm like a Hindenburg of douche :P Feel cool?


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