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born from the ashes of the power-pop maestro's i was totally destroying it, the idiot family came to be one day when john was surfing along the coast of his native san francisco.

with the waves crashing around him, john noticed the ocean looked suspiciously like the cover of the seminal shoegaze classic "nowhere". "oh waves," said he, "is this my true calling?". the waves roared in response, and john quickly bellyboarded his way back to shore.

rachel, looking morose as usual, rose from her daily sand-collecting (she's building a life-size sand statue of kate bush in her bathtub) to greet her wet, washy lover. "bookley, you look so distraught! what could be the cause of your troubles?"

"hirshiya, my star, power-pop is not the answer. we must gaze to the heavens for that is our light."

"but no! do not thee remember? we were to sing the sounds of the cocteau twins and i was struck with an illness that brought me to my knees. the gaze is cursed! heaven nor las vegas were brought upon us that night."

"that was a test, my bee, the fate of us depends on this. let us swerve through the night like pale saints on a slow dive into the adorable bloody valentine of our hearts."

"what a lush life this will be! i can hear jesus and mary chained as one to bless us! let us tell the others!"

and so the two surfed back to the northern carolina to spread the news and the family of idiots was formed. hearts be with them.

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