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  • Avatar for vonNachtmahr
    but it really is the worst song Iced Earth has ever made [2]
  • Avatar for hammerstrikebg
    I love this song. One of their best. [2] However I just watched the video for the first time, I'm sad that this song is actually connected with the biggest deceit in modern times 9/11...
  • Avatar for xanderglz
    so awful. complete redneck Toby Keith-styled revenge song. [2] Seriously, are people really down with this shallow, braindead attempt of patriotism? The void lyrics, the superficial message, the gay title (eagles crying? srsly 'Murika? Such ridiculous generalization. And there goes that typical american self-entitlement again). It may not be the worst song of all time (it's kinda hard to dethrone the final countdown, or anything done by bryan adams), but it really is the worst song Iced Earth has ever made
  • Avatar for Arturan0
    Beautiful song with fantastic Owens vocal!
  • Avatar for sebadagostino
    Long Live The Ripper \m/
  • Avatar for ss_undead
    the lyrics is sucks, but the voice is awesome
  • Avatar for metaltyrant80
    I personally think this is a great song
  • Avatar for hammerstrikebg
    When the Eagle Cries - BLOOD WILL FALL!
  • Avatar for charliekilo22
    so awful. complete redneck Toby Keith-styled revenge song.
  • Avatar for Probocop
    I like it.
  • Avatar for Vantaig
    Good songs, lots of dickheads in the shoutbox.
  • Avatar for VampyreAngel
    Terrible lyrics. Not for their message. They're just terrible. Like he thought them out in a couple of minutes.
  • Avatar for arenamaster
    literally one of the worst songs I've ever heard in my entire life
  • Avatar for MartinW
    I usually never troll with negative opinions in shoutboxes, but there are times I can't help it; this is probably the most insufferable metal song of all time. So bad it's awful.
  • Avatar for pra3938
    rip 9/11 victims! Less than year till we hope the truth of 9/11 will come out
  • Avatar for GlovesElectric
    Nine years to the day. NEVAR 4GET.
  • Avatar for angelrojascort
    No bad.....
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Good song...
  • Avatar for GoatedBloat
    I wish I could just pass this off as Jon Schaffer's misguided attempt at a Toby Keith cover... but, alas, it is not so... too bad.
  • Avatar for SUSAZK80
  • Avatar for setermoen
  • Avatar for 1soundproject
    If you like them, you should check out UNCLOUDED PERCEPTION ;)
  • Avatar for DREWMAN460
    i think its a good song by Iced Earth
  • Avatar for Floodofnapalm
    I never heard a metal-song like this: it's the biggest piece of shit ever recorded. Only Nazi-Bands could be more jingoistic. The lyrics are full of thirst for revenge, better: vendetta. But the Iraq had no connection to 9/11. So in this song is no reason to warrant a war that cost the live of more than 100.000 civilians. It's disgusting to use the death of 3000 people to warrant a war with 100 times more dead civilians in a country that is not connected with the attacks. Argh, how I hate this song.
  • Avatar for xXpuertoXnicoXx
    haha i was like "hey this is a great song" then i realized what it was about and i was all ":("
  • Avatar for hammerstrikebg
    115,919 plays (30,706 listeners) In your library (92 plays)
  • Avatar for xdreamsxdeniedx
    schmaltzy patriotic garbage, funny though
  • Avatar for hammerstrikebg
    Dudes... stop arguing... the song is perfect and it's one of the best of Iced Earth ;]
  • Avatar for Poghril
    I think this song falls under the category: "so bad it's good". Can't help but liking it, despite the dim lyrics.
  • Avatar for meddelhed
    Wait, I wiki'ed: Jingoism or Spread-Eagleism. Anyway, good song.
  • Avatar for meddelhed
    There is no such thing as "too patriotic". I assume you meant chauvinist?
  • Avatar for Kemi-Cleo-Ruusu
  • Avatar for Hazzychan
    Musically the song is just fine. Lyrically the song is trash. Jon's a little *too* patriotic. The whole album was riddled with this junk, down to the very title of the album. "The Glorious Burden" refers to, essentially, America's supposed position as top dog in the world, and the associated duties that involves. Unfortunately, a lot of the album suffered from this cheesy mentality. The other American History related songs were pretty great. This one... not so much.
  • Avatar for ZombieBarber
    This song is perfect for a round of Sonic the Hedgehog. Get those rings!
  • Avatar for Cereza84
    No matter what the others below me have written, I like this one.
  • Avatar for jrs1991
    awesome song
  • Avatar for grimpapa
  • Avatar for BreakfastPills
    I think you take this song too seriously.
  • Avatar for ViKing503
    This is the worst song I have ever heard. I'd take an entire Maroon 5 album over this one again.
  • Avatar for ViKing503
    ugh, I puked
  • Avatar for ViKing503
  • Avatar for ViKing503
  • Avatar for MetallicaManX
    This is a great song... No offence to ripper, as his performance was great, but I'd kinda like to hear it with Matt behind the mic.
  • Avatar for joseph32
    this song is cool
  • Avatar for messedupdreamer
    Doesn't seem corny to me. I love it.
  • Avatar for xbloodyXwristsx
    crap cough crap God bless America though
  • Avatar for bass_beast
    ótima música! great song!
  • Avatar for qiuzhenyu07
  • Avatar for Lost_Souls_UK
    Nah, I like these lyrics, I only wish the whole album was a proper US war concept, not some mangled Greenface vs. The Red Baron crap. How could they, Why would they?
  • Avatar for Shaunography
    I don't agree with the lyrics really, but the song is cool. The acoustic version is good, too.


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