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Montreal's Most Known R&B up Coming Singer, Ice Kid is one of the more impressive we've heard in a Longtime - it's nice to hear some R&B in the mix, and he clearly has a solid hold on the genre, with poignant vocals and generally emotive production. You'll be hearing more of him in the near future, we're sure.
In October 2013 Ice Kid Released Single “Come Closer” written and recorded as the first single from his First studio album (2013). It was entirely written and produced by Ice Kid, who was inspired by a series of dreams he experienced prior to writing the song. "Come Closer" was released to Cdbaby on October 26- 2013 and later on released to every other sources. The single then was nominated for best single of the year and ice kid was also nominated for Bes new upcoming R&B Artist On AE Awards in which ice kid won in both categories. Ice kid has released couple of music online before that, but its wasn’t as impressive as “come Closer”. The Single “come Closer” had been feature on the Canadian Radio stations, like 94.7 hits FM, 92.5 Fm Etc… ice kid is most notable songs include “Need Your Love, Beautiful Dreams, So Mine, All Night, Up to You and many others
On Interview With Raptv, ice kid said that “it’s not easy for any artist from Montréal to make it big internationally, for example I have worked myself where I am, I’m now on mtv music, bet music matters, I won the best single and best new up coming artist award, I got to performed with some of the biggest names in music, like trey songz, Miguel, wale, French Montana, I have open up concert for rick rose, p square etc… but still, no major record label is interested in signing me, its gets to the point that I said F**k em, I’ma make it independently just like I have been doing. He was asked what the fans should expect in 2014 ice kid respond was “everything, from singles to concerts to album. In fact I a currently working on my third official Album, the album is going to be call “midnight love” my last album “Broken Heart” was 10 tracks, but this one is going to be about 13-15 tracks, and maybe some collaborations as well, but yeah 2014 is going to be a breakthrough year not just for me but for everybody that has been there since day one.
Ice Kid Was also asked about his Educational background. He said “education for me is not something I have to be force to do, it is what I must. I am currently in college, well I was in Concordia university for like a semester then I decided that I need to go back to college, I’ve studied in Dawson college before, now I’m in LaSalle college.
Raptv asked ice kid about his parents, are your parents completely cool with you doing music? “I am going to be honest with you, they were not cool at all, cause first of all my dad is a pastor and he wasn’t ok with it, but know parents when they tell not to do something, at that point that thing is the thing is really want to do, so I was still doing music secretly, at the same time my school grades was good so anytime they try to stop me I’ll be I’m doing good in school so why shouldn’t I, at some point they just gave up. I believe that if you have a dream and you do not fight for it, then that dream will hunt you for life.
Nigeria born Prince Daniel Emmanuel Okon Apan Edulkson, AKA Ice Kid, kicked off his music career at the age of 10 as a rapper, recording his first song in his bedroom with a Dollar Store microphone. Three months later, Prince decided to start promoting himself as a rapper in his home city of Montreal, where he was told he could never make it in music, but still, Prince continued to record and publish remixes. In 2009, Prince then decided to get into R&B/Soul music fully, releasing 3 to 4 songs a week, both remixes and original. In 2011, he garnered international exposure with the release of his first official single "Dream Girl", which was nominated for International Act of the Year in his native Nigeria.

His third single, "Beautiful Dreams", exploded throughout the web and received daily spins on MTV Africa, MTV Canada, Much Music TV and AmeTv. Having released four major singles worldwide in under a year, Ice Kid has solidified his status as a popular fixture on international and Canadian based entertainment blogs, and has been recognized as one of the brightest up-and-coming, multi-talented artists in the entertainment industry.
After 3 months about, Prince then decided to start promoting himself As a Rapper in his home city Montreal in his High school, ‘l’Ecole Caverler - de- LaSalle Where he Was told that he could never make it in music, but still Prince was still Recording and publishing Remix s. In 2009 Prince Remix "No Hands" By Waka Flacka with Singing, the song hits over 500 Download on sharehulk. Prince then Decided To Go into R&B music Fully, Releasing 3 to 4 Songs a Week both Remix And original. Now With 4 Major Singles Released Worldwide under one year, Ice Kid has Done What Most Independent Artist cannot do. ice kid is ready to take over the industry globally.

Ice Kid was Born in Nigeria, Akaw Ibom Stated under The Name of Prince Daniel Emmanuel Okon. Popularity known as Ice Kid.. 3 times award winning artist For Best Up Coming Act. At age 17 Ice Kid found himself performing with some of the biggest names in afro beats industry, like Flavor, Bracket, P Square, J martins…etc After releasing 'Dream Girl' in 2011 Ice Kid Decided To Go Fully in to R&B/Soul Music few months later he performed on the same stage as Ne yo in DC At HAZE Nightclub, which officially lunched ice kid to the music game. Few week later Ice Kid Released 'so Mine' and for the first time ever ice kid single was being play on the air all over Canadian Radio station and was voted in the top 10 single in Montreal. Right After That Ice Released his third Official Single 'Beautiful Dreams' the single was lunch on the same day as he was performing live in New York With Trey Songz. but since the single was never License, the single was suspended still 2013/June to be officially released worldwide. To date, Ice Kid has shared the stage with America’s Big Artists. He has opened for artists like Trey Songz, Ne Yo, Miguel, T.I., Estelle…Etc As well as, performed at the On The Same Stage Ice Kid has also garnered international exposure with the release of his first single in 2011 of 'Dream Girl' which was nominated for Int-Act of the Year In his Home Country Nigeria. “All Night”. With his 3rd single “Beautiful Dreams,” exploding through the web as well as getting daily spins on MTV Africa, MTV Canada, Much Music TV, AmeTv.

Ice Kid has solidified his status as a popular fixture on international and Canadian based entertainment blogs. Ice Kid has been recognized as one of the brightest up- and-coming multi-talented artists in the entertainment industry. Ice Kid believes that 2014 will be his breakthrough year.

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