• Moof. Mistag bitching.

    9 Dec 2005, 04:23 by devcandy

    I generally don't like mistag bitching, because music categorization can be subjective at best. Also, then you get music snobs who spend time trying to prove that since they don't like a group or artist, that it must mean it's not part of their favorite genre.

    I'm not here too look down on people, or prove I'm h4rdc0r3. I'm here, for the music, and I'd like to take a breif moment to inform.

    There is actually a defined beat structure for music. Any derived music, with house in the name, should also have it.

    House music is uptempo music for dancing and has a comparatively narrow tempo range, generally falling between 118 beats per minute (bpm) and 135 bpm, with 127 bpm being about average since 1996.

    Far and away the most important element of the house drumbeat is the (usually very strong, synthesized, and heavily equalized) kick drum pounding on every quarter note of the 4/4 bar, often having a "dropping" effect on the dancefloor. …