• Whaling Country Showcase

    11 Nov 2008, 22:19 by nhpeacenik

    Fri 7 Nov – Whaling Country Showcase IV

    I've only missed this twice-a-year event once, and hope never to miss it again. Jeff & Benares were their wonderful generous selves as hosts, making everybody feel twice as at-home as possible. They sang and played material from both their CDs along with some additional stuff. At the end, they invited everybody up to put on a rousing rendition of "We've Got Franklin D. Roosevelt Back Again", and we all joined in on the chorus to celebrate a certain recent event in the public sphere...

    All ages were represented. At the last gathering, everybody was dancing, while at this one the crowd of maybe 150 was more laid-back. The baked-goods were wonderful as always, and there were free coffee refills (I was told if I drank 10 cups I'd have to pay for the 11th).

    Ian Thomas is a Brooklyn-based singer of good-time music. He plays a mean guitar along with kazoo and harmonica and reminds me a little of Jim Kweskin, a little of Siegel-Schwall Band, and a bit of Mark Spoelstra. …