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  • Avatar for moonbaby9307
    <3 candleland and mysterio <3 [2]
  • Avatar for letsbolt
    <3 candleland and mysterio <3
  • Avatar for moonbaby9307
    He is The Voice...possibly the greatest singer alive.
  • Avatar for navyrob69
    lkve him
  • Avatar for shark-a
  • Avatar for chamberofhellos
    Mac reissues all 3 albums:
  • Avatar for Ro-beer-val
    Ian McCulloch – Pro Patria Mori 2012
  • Avatar for Punk-Fiction
    Pro Patria Mori is pretty average.
  • Avatar for Virrianto him :D
  • Avatar for m5p6n3
    ianmcculloch e muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuito melhor que michel telo,aquele bobo
  • Avatar for Vampiro_Rockero New Solo Album :)
  • Avatar for ingabel81
    Gracias por grandiosas canciones que alegran mi vida......................................
  • Avatar for bubbulyme
    get in mah pants, you.
  • Avatar for Accept-Yourself
    Happy Birthday Ian, you legend. Love your voice ♥
  • Avatar for TheVerve84
    Love the first two albums "Candleland" and "Mysterio"
  • Avatar for YControl755
    Candleland is seriously one of my favorite albums ever. It's lush, verging on dream pop even. Mm mm good.
  • Avatar for hey_buddy
    lol poor Mac, no one cares about his shoutbox.
  • Avatar for hey_buddy
    stupid taggers. Ian McCulloch's solo work is NOT post-punk.
  • Avatar for hey_buddy
    I hate how Some Kind Of Nothingness is being scrobbled as Ian McCulloch. Although he sings on it, the song is from Manics!
  • Avatar for psycholindsey
    i love this man! <3
  • Avatar for mat35
    "It's their family. It's like you're raping all of them at once, over a long period of time, and getting away with it." Classic.
  • Avatar for hey_buddy
    he had good hair, yeah. not so much anymore.
  • Avatar for hey_buddy
    is he going to record another album? does anyone know anything about it?
  • Avatar for hey_buddy
    YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT MAC. He needs moar lurrve. ): really, where are you people? I need someone to share my love for Mac. ):
  • Avatar for hey_buddy
    you people should watch Lover Lover Lover. Mac is being totally creepy with that wig hahaha.
  • Avatar for hey_buddy
    does anyone know where I could buy Candleland & Mysterio extended editions?
  • Avatar for hey_buddy
    I loved his Return To Sender cover! I wish I could download September Song ): can't find it, ugh.
  • Avatar for hey_buddy
    Have you watched Honeydrip? Pure cheesy 90's radness
  • Avatar for hey_buddy
    cant wait to get my Candleland vinyl
  • Avatar for hey_buddy
    Post-punk my ass. His solo career had nothing to do with it. I still love it though. Mac <3 By the way, is it right that Slideling > Mysterio > Candleland here? Whyyyyyy? You people are completely INSANE.
  • Avatar for gungh0
    Golden voice! [2]
  • Avatar for gerxrdo
    very good :D
  • Avatar for mabia
    I love Ian. He reminds me my High School. And his voice used to be PER-FECT ! :)
  • Avatar for echofan
    PERFECT <3333
  • Avatar for andressa_df
    Amo <3
  • Avatar for Freelove_
    Join my group: [url=]Post-Punk.[/url]
  • Avatar for SoRuthless
    lovelovelove Candleland... beautiful.
  • Avatar for MoogleFan
    Ian McCulloch turned 50 today!
  • Avatar for rimmel65
    Golden voice!
  • Avatar for YControl755
    "Candleland" is such a fantastic album. He's truly one of the great voices of rock.
  • Avatar for ruby_x
    ian my love of all love.....
  • Avatar for SuperChibz
    <3 his lips he's a total cutey
  • Avatar for MamboSun
    Join the Ian McCulloch group on
  • Avatar for XylophonePotato
    Lol at how similar my hair is to his.
  • Avatar for Liuvv
    Mr. Lips!
  • Avatar for dogmansuede
    candleland = damn near perfect album!
  • Avatar for Bridget19700
    here we are :))
  • Avatar for violets_101
    Hey! Look at me, I made it to number 1 listener!! For now that is.... :-)~
  • Avatar for caro_g
    mcculloch sos lo massss!! <3

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