• Iambic² - Under these Stars, we'll sleep again

    7 Nov 2008, 15:51 by Arcus28

    Ich habe Guy Andrews Projekt Iambic² bisher viel zu wenig beobachtet. Bereits das vorherige Album As the Snow Fell gefiel mir recht gut aber es wollte sich bei mir nie das "Oh mein Gott" wie geil Gefühl einstellen. Somit war mein Focus zu erst auf anderen Artists. Nun habe ich mich endlich mal seinem Erstlingswerk Under These Stars, We'll Sleep Again gewidmet und ich bin hellauf begeistert.

    Das komplette Album ist sehr ruhig und völlig eigen was die Auswahl der Sounds angeht. Kurzum sucht man typische Psybient Elemente vergebens und findet eher starke Anleihen im New Age Bereich so wie völlig irdisch klingende Sounds welche dank dem Ohr schmeichelnder Arrangierung komplett seinen Platz im IDM und Ambient Bereich verdient. Besonders bemerkenswert finde ich unter anderem auch die Anwendung von Gesang welcher keines Falls störend ist in den einzelnen Titeln.

  • Albums released in 2008

    8 May 2008, 20:12 by annex-a

    A compendium:

    The Tallest Man on Earth - Shallow Graves
    Superior country-folk from...Sweden. Seriously. And it's really really good. A crackled deep-south voice (I presume it's affected!), stupendous guitar fingerpicking and, crucially, cathcy memorable songs. Great stuff, and a good sign of more to come.
    Key track: 'Pistol Dreams'

    Steve Von Till - A Grave Is A Grim Horse
    The Neurosis lynchpin's latest solo work is a masterpiece of dark folk, coming across like an even more depressed Mark Lanegan. Excellent choice of covers which von Till absolutely makes his own. The pedal steel weeps, the songs envelope you in their black wonder, and that voice glides over it all like sandpaper. Excellent.
    Key track: 'Looking For Dry Land'

    Melvins - Nude With Boots
    More Melvins meets Big Business shenanigans. Not as good as their previous collaboration '(A) Senile Animal', but an average Melvins album is better than most of the stuff you'll hear all year. …
  • 2007 best of, "not exhaustive" (part 1/3)

    5 Jan 2008, 16:48 by placid

    As somebody said, "no more screwing around", here's my attempt to establish some kind of a sketch of my musical preferences for the past 2007 year. Like my previous annual best of, i took a day to describe my musical wanderings. Before i start this post i was afraid that there's nothing special about the music, the last twelve months. As i started overturning my collection and previous charts, i can conclude that 2007 was a strange musical year, because I've noticed some shifts in my taste. Maybe because I realized that the IDM is dead and i have to stop listening to the new crap labeled like this. Or at least i'll use "" instead of "" when i talk about that music. I'm sick of explaining almost every time when i use that acronym what does it mean, and when I cite some artists, to see only eyes wide open. 2007 was interesting also because of two phenomenas in the musical industry - the self releases of Radiohead and Saul Williams. I suppose that you know the story. …
  • The music in 2007

    1 Jan 2008, 19:09 by Jonce

    The year 2007 was extremely great for music. There are so many albums worth the TOP 10, thus making it very difficult to pick the best ones. Anyway, here it is:

    1. Burial - Untrue
    Untrue is definitely one of the most impressive albums I've heard so far. It's very dark and moody, but still retaining the uplifting bits (i.e. the ending of the track Shell of Light). The vocal samples is the key element of this whole beauty. Comparing to the previous self-titled Burial's album, Untrue is more uplifting, brighter and seems greatly produced. Despite the insane popularity and comments about the mainstream thing, all I can say is that Untrue is a real masterpiece.

    2. Emancipator - Soon it Will be Cold Enough
    I got into trip-hop music this year and Emancipator caught my attention - the debut album Soon It Will Be Cold Enough is a really nice surprise. …