• Waited Nine Years for This...

    14 Sep 2006, 01:25 by checkypantz

    And it's worth every single song.

    It's a very seldom occassion when I get even remotely distraught at the death of someone in the public eye. The last time anything like that happened was with the departure of Johnny Carson. Admittedly, the more sudden their departure, and their influence on my life at the time, the more sadness follows their passing.

    In 1997, there were three "celebrities" who passed who had this effect on me: John Holliman, of CNN's Boys of Baghdad; Richie Ashburn, legendary center-fielder and three-decade broadcaster for the Phillies; and Michael Hutchence.

    INXS was one of those bands who really helped define my taste in music. Going back to The Swing, I latched onto their sound. They were unlike anything else I'd ever heard (having been raised on legends like Goerge Jones, Willie Nelson and the like).

    Kick, and then X, were two of my favorite albums for the vast majority of my high school career.