• New Releases! 8BP115 + 8BP116 + 8BP117

    12 Mar 2011, 20:46 by twilex

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    Cheapshot - zOMG!!

    James York a.k.a. Cheapshot a.k.a. Yorkie a.k.a. better at dubstepwobblebasschipfunk than you has been tearing up the Tokyo live scene for the past year with more fans than a top seed gladiator. This EP is part of the reason why. Dark and gritty, instantly accessible, and hard to forget. Phone home and tell your mother, Cheapshot has arrived.

    IAYD - Like A Phoenix

    "In his sophomore 8bitpeoples release, IAYD (I Am Your Destruction) returns from the depths of the cosmos, armed with an arsenal of arresting arias. Burning white hot and furious, his concussive calls-to-arms serve as much to inspire as to enrage. Composed of three parts bête noire, two parts rancor, Like A Phoenix destroys and disrupts. Prepare yourself for the impact of this anthemic anthology, spanning the years 2008-2010."

    – Chris Fox
    mastering by Chris Burke, artwork by iLKke

    Rainbowdragoneyes - The Primordial Booze
  • Thee Christmasasaurus

    22 Dec 2010, 20:15 by jazzycattime

    Every year since 2005 (well, every year except 2007 anyway) I've put together or helped put together a compilation of Christmas music from strange and mostly electronic artists. Aside from the fact that most of the things involves are electronic, the genres involved have been all over the board, from straight and to completely .

    I feel I'm a bit biased, in saying this, but I do believe it's one of the best, if not the best Christmas music series out there, and it's totally free (legally!)

    If nothing else, it's definitely the most eclectic one I've come across... and I do make a point to check out as many Christmas music collections as I can.

    This year, we've got a delicious line-up of artists, 14 in fact!
    If you like music, you're covered. Have a propensity towards chaotic barely-even-music mashups? That's covered too!

    Free download from that link up there. …
  • New Releases!

    31 Aug 2009, 17:42 by twilex

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    V/A - Blip Festival 2008: 32 Live Recordings 2xCD * BUY

    Produced by 2 Player Productions, and featuring one track from each of the 2008 festival's 32 musical performers, including SIDABITBALL, Low-Gain, IAYD, Cow'p, Nullsleep, Sulumi, Bubblyfish, Syphus, zabutom, Role Model, Mr. Spastic, Stu, lissajou, USK, and more. Professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered; the phenomenon of live chipmusic has never before been so pristinely captured. AVAILABLE NOW via the 8bitpeoples shop, and at this weekend's two blockbuster NYC chipmusic events.

    "Milestones should be marked by monuments, and this is the second time 8bitpeoples have done so: with the 2xCD _8BP50_ after the first Blip Festival, and now with this; 8BP100 — so you can see just how far it’s all come. Now take this artifact in your hands, press play on your system, inspect the pretty parcel it came in until you’ve unlocked its every secret, then turn up the volume, close your eyes, and picture yourself there."
  • New Releases!

    12 Jun 2009, 00:20 by twilex

    Grab @!

    IAYD - Supergalactic

    IAYD makes his 8bitpeoples debut with "Supergalactic", an invitation to get punched in the face by light-speed melodies and sound barrier-breaching beats. Embark on a journey through the cosmos with six, powerful masterworks crafted from the dregs of shattered asteroids and the rusted husks of space vessels. Pushing forward and brimming with profound sonic vivacity, "Supergalactic" leaves you with a greater understanding of the Universe.

    Starscream - Future, And It Doesn't Work

    In the not so distant future awaits the election of the first third party candidate to the White House- they will hail from the Space Party, a political coalition founded by astrophysicists, former democrats and ex-NASA employees. In their 8bitpeoples debut EP, "Future, And It Doesn't Work", Starscream tell a tale of victory, science, and potentially catastrophic foreign policy.