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  1. Chaos Is... is a Screamo/Swing band from Alsace, France. This band is made out of previous members from IBLYLOM, NOIR and MC FLY & HIS SPACE OUT…

  2. Screamo / Emoviolence from Kiev, Ukraine.


    Artem - guitar
    Sup- vox
    Andrej -drums
    Vadim -bass


  3. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  4. Ukrainian screamo band.


  5. Five piece from France playing loud and heavy emotional hardcore in veins of bands such as Uranus, Amanda Woodward or Daïtro. Members are or…

  6. Brume Retina plays frenetic, fast screaming music, with odd song structures, and beautiful guitar melodies. They have ex-members of Gameness.

  7. Carther Matha were a french screamo/emo violence band. They released a demo cassette, a split cassette with hebb and a split CD with Peu Être…

  8. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  9. screamo band from Kiev, UKR.


    split w/ мища (cd-r on Sad Records, RU)


  10. Paris - France.

    Free download:

    1st - 1667-1680
    2nd - Epilogue d’un désastre…

  11. Five guys sharing the same passion for kebabs.
    From Paris suburbs.

  12. Fortochka ("Ventlight") was an emotional hardcore band from Omsk, Russian Federation.

  13. If this non-artist appears in your charts, do last.fm and yourself a favor. Fix your tags by putting the actual artist name in the artist field.…

  14. Burn Her Letters was a screamo band from Eskiseher, Turkey. They formed in 2005, and shared their music freely. That's right, they were one of…

  15. The Third Memory is a French screamo band.

  16. Fuck, Wolves! are four guys from southwest Germany doing their interpretation of the 90s emo-violence thingie: screaming at the top of the lungs…

  17. Russian screamo band from Saratov.

  18. There are 2 artists named "Kazan"

    1. Steve (bass guitar) - Julien (guitar/vocals) - Judicaël (guitar) - Vincent (drums) - Pierre-mathieu (vocals)…


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