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    High quality scans of "I Want You to Know that There is Always Hope": 1600x1428 ( and their Tour EP: 1600x1435
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    I saw IWACS for the first time at a tv show that I forgot the name, lol. Nice songs, good vibrations...greets from Brazil!
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    Save Your Wishes
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    pink squares<3
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    Absolutely love this band, sooooooooo much beeter than all those so called synth - pop bands...
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    Love them more with every song!
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    "CHANGED MY MIND im no longer doing i was a cub scout, it was a bad idea. thanks"
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    This is such great news! I'm soo excited for new material. :)
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    thats really cool, keep us posted on the dates too. would be really good to hear the old stuff live as i never had a chance before. equally cant wait for the new stuff your working on to :)
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    I'm beyond happy to hear that! Iwacs has been my favorite band for a few years now. Excited for the new stuff! Any chance of playing in the states?
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    Todd can you confirm to me IWACS are back? i cant believe my eyes! great news!!! :)
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    IWACS is back!!! Finally!
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    Hate discovering bands and getting into them to find out they've split :/
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    i love your sound !!..
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    does anybody have the hunter's daughter ep? i bought it and lost it when i wiped out my pc
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    you're having a kid, todd?!
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    Todd speaks the truth, you only have to listen to the other tracks to realise that the On Call cover has nothing to do with Iwasacubscout. It's actually Athlete:
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    its not us listen to his voice, listen to the instrumentation, we had nothing to do with this
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    @todd marriot. dude, on the xfm page, it says you guys played a cover of it?
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    Please Please Comeback!
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    lol kings of leon cover.
  • Avatar for toddmarriott
    we never did a cover of kings of leon 'on call'
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    vVv he really does have EVERYTHING
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    i have the xfm session and cover of the kings of leon song, 'on call'. again if you want, hit me uppppp. x.
  • Avatar for kyleforward
    you're right. i've seen heaps of people have downloaded it. if anyone wants anything else, hit me up - as jasonbrevity knows, i have everything of theirs. if you'd like a zip with it all, just pm me. x.
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    @kyleforward thanks so much. sorry i can't help you with that one
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    okaaaaay. here's That's Not A Crate.. now - can someone please upload the Maroon 5 cover. It's the only thing I don't have by them.
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    @jasonbrevity. yes. i do. i will upload in a minute..
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    does anyone have any live stuff they would mind uploading? i have pink squares and echoes live from the ps/echoes 7" single.. but.. anything else would be really good. also i've heard they did a lovely cover of a maroon 5 song. anyone have it? message me! x
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    I Want You To Know... is one of my most played albums. It's absolute genius. *Remembers back to an amazing King Tuts gig*. I wished they'd received wider recognition.
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    miss em
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    please come back
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    old drummer will be in mgmt too.
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    My heart was permanently shattered with the split.
  • Avatar for Scott_25
    One of those great British bands who broke up way too quickly,like Test Icicles,Help She Can't Swim,Cutting Pink With Knives and countless others. Even if IWACS' earlier stuff (like the old version of Pink Squares,Teenage Skin and This Is Not A Crate) was better than the actual album.
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    how adorable.
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    Love! woooooooooooooooooo
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    one of my fav bands :D
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    Good drums, good synths, and the lyrics are a delicious salad of words. I will miss this band
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    also for brontide, who are awesome
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    ugh. I hate la roux.
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    Strange that the drummer drums for La Roux now.


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