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A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars
I Monster

A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars



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  • Is it me or is this album really low?
  • I can't find this album anywhere
  • I Monster- A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars I’m a sucker for your I Monster’s sound… Who knew two guys in beards could make such intense music? I Monster’s new album A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars will keep the good vibes in and creepy fly masks in your head out. Speaking of which, the song Inzects is wonderful for blasting at all incoming pests if you wish not to be molested by them. In one album you get a sense of old style marching bands, a long a-waited rainy day, sex in a park, crazy number loving men, and outer space travels. And what’s more, you gain a free (but not low-quality) high on the ingenious (and brilliant!), trippy artwork you see along side any track or insert. Pretty good for your money… Or not money… cult-like worship* and servitude is an acceptable way of payment.
  • Whether you’re a returning fan, a new follower, or just an innocent bystander, A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars will caress your every sense as long as there’s even a hint of a song within any neuron in your head (and in special cases for the freaks out there, limbs). Take this advice and know that not all monsters are vile beasts, and even though they may hide under your bed (as Jarrod and Dean have a tendency to do this), you can expect top-notch lyrical and musical entertainment. *Please DO NOT engage in any illegal religious activities and please realize that we don’t actually want you do begin an almighty, all powerful I Monster cult (which the omniscient Dean and Jarrod Monster may or may not be approve of.) -Lindsey Carlson
  • Brilliant

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