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    They really deserve more attention, that's for damn sure. An amazing band. "Hearts" and "Chiaroscuro" are just state of the art to me.
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    More than awesome!
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    Chiaroscuro is my favorite album of 2014. Very underrated. I haven't even seen it make a list yet. [2]
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    [url=]New pictures...[/url]
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    Simply amazing band...
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    Chiaroscuro is my favorite album of 2014. Very underrated. I haven't even seen it make a list yet.
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    @jmanzo2009 Haha firstly I don't even hear the similarities. Completely different BPM, different patterns, different drum samples. Secondly, how many years of human culture do we have behind us? There will be similarities between songs even if it wasn't intended, I bet you could find 100 more songs with similar drums, especially with your ear for music.
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    The beginning of Faith is a straight up copy of Crystal Castles' Kerosene.
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    "Hearts" was a masterpiece. "Chiarascuro" was a promise that did not deliver fully. It's just a tease and the single "Faith" must've been one of my biggest musical disappointments of the last few years.
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    goodbye sweet dreams :*
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    songs produce emotions that encourage crying and joyful bliss :)
  • Avatar for desperatebeat
    Hearts had potential. Chiaroscuro delivers on that promise. Every track is a revelation.
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    Maria Lindén took some time to answer a few of our questions about life on the road, performance inspiration and trying to eat healthy while on tour.
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    Deniel <3
  • Avatar for RobotRobin
    Just discovered. Epic music.
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    I loved seeing y'all last night in boston! I wish I could show you around! "Denial" is such a beautiful track that it makes me see you in such a beautiful light the way you move. I am glad you came to Boston. I would love to grab a drink with you guys next time instead of just finishing your beer!
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    Chiaroscuro is ridiculously good [2] These guys are off the chain!
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    just discovered this band. very good stuff!
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    Chiaroscuro is one of our favorite albums of 2014 over at . Check out our running list for more recommendations.
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    They're truly great. A very interesting futuristic, dark and unusual synthpop can be found on the new record. I feel like re-listening it more times just to discover more of all the atmosphere.
  • Avatar for OpalKrush
    Chiaroscuro is ridiculously good
  • Avatar for theboywilliams
    Only just discovered and absolutely loving it. But am I the only one though who thinks that "You Burn" sounds like Lana Del Rey? (This is not a bad thing at all....)
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    New album on're welcome! :) [2] ... + google play music
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    faith is like a mix of purity ring, crystal castles, and salem. and it is glorious.
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    New album on're welcome! :)
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    Does anyone have a spare ticket for the Village Underground show on 23rd Jan? If so, let me know!
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    Unusual and probably unpopular opinion but I much prefer these guys on record. Maybe it's just the shoegaze-live thing that isn't for me.
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    I Break Horses has been featured on this week's Coalition LV podcast!
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    Disapointed about new record :(
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    (oh and i uploaded six new images [url=]you should vote for them[/url] !)
  • Avatar for colorful0
    I'm in love with the new album. Faith is one of the best songs of 2013
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    Chiaroscuro killed me.
  • Avatar for freezZa
    новый альбом ваще ахуенчик!
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    New album is incredible. Way darker, definite witch house feel, amazing.
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    These guys are class live
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    fucking brilliant gig last night. warm uo for sigur ros<3
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    New album please! Ta. x
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    denial is pure bliss
  • Avatar for HeapOfBears
    What an incredibly stupid name for a pretty cool band.
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    Pulse. Load your eyes. Orgasm.
  • Avatar for kangurusergio
    they sound like the raveonettes. that's not a bad thing
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