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  1. Faethon is a Hellenic Black Metal project from Trikala, Greece consisting of sole member Apollo.

    Faethon plays Heathen NS Black Metal in the vein of…

  2. Greek (Athens) NSBM Band, formed in the year 2000.


    Principles Of Aryan Blood Demo, 2001
    Wolfkampfer Single, 2002
    Hellenic -…

  3. NS Black metal band from Athens,Greece.Formed in 1997.
    Current line-up
    Pain - All music and Vocal
    Former/past member(s)
    Vassilis - Drums
    Angel -…

  4. NSBM from Hellas, formed in Ioannina (2002).

    Current line-up:
    Acheron - vocals, bass
    Moros - guitars

    Summon Thee... - Demo, 2002…

  5. Black metal band from Germany.
    - 2003 - Christen Sind Unser Unglück (demo)
    - 2004 - Los von Rom (demo)
    - 2005 - Magna Europa Est…

  6. Amalek is an NSBM/Pagan metal band from Germany.

  7. Ravenbanner is a greek NSBM band featuring Jarl von Hagall of Der Stürmer, Athalwolf of Wolfnacht, and Saturno of Alastor and Agarthia, founded…

  8. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  9. Kaiadas is a NSBM from Greece. The members consist of Kaiadas-Guitars/Bass who is in Naer Mataron now.
    Psychoslaughter-Drums/Vocals is in The…

  10. Early Black Metal from Switzerland. Formed in 1993 in Basel, Switzerland by the Band's only member, Zwingherr Greif.

    First releases featured common…

  11. NSBM Project of US based drummer from Wotanorden and Eingar.

  12. Nationalist Metal From Canada.

  13. Flammentod Is NSBM From Germany formed at year 2001 in Hessen and have deal with Flammentod Teutschland.

    Current Line-up:
    Tyrrecvir - All Music &…

  14. There are several artists under this name. 1: An American NSBM band, 2: an early 90's UK rave act, 3: a Slovenian death metal band, 4: a Russian…

  15. NS Black Metal from Brazil. Previously the band was known as Resistencia 88 under which they released a single demo. In 1998 they changed their…

  16. Black metal band from Germany - one man project of Krieg (Thorsten Kunz) (other project - Mors Atra, also member of Coven of the Worm)

  17. Holocaustus is Nsbm Band from Germany formed at year 1998 in Hessen and have deal with Warhorn Productions.

    Current Line-up:
    Tyrrecvir -…

  18. Waffen SS may refer to

    1) The Schutzstaffel of Nazi Germany


    2) Waffen SS, a one man NSBM band formed by Herr Totenkopf (Daniele Melas) in…

  19. There are two NS bands named Wewelsburg:

    1) National Socialist Black Metal with Industrial undertones from Russia. The band name refers to…


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