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There are 5 bands with the name Hyperborea.

1. Bulgarian Death-Metal band founded in 1997. The members are Kiril Kirilov - vocals, Vladimir Ivanov - bass, Zhivko Kyosev - drums, Yordan Kanchev - guitar, Andrei Andronov - guitar. So far they have released two albums - "Architecture of Mind" (2004) and Cryogenic Somnia (2007). The band supported Obituary and Vader in their Bulgarian gigs.


2. Finnish folk music group that has released two albums, Perinnearkku (2004) and Semmosta (2006).

The four members are Piia Kleemola (fiddle, viola, kantele, vocals), Antti Paalanen (single- and double-row accordions), Petri Prauda (cittern, mandolin, bagpipes, vocals) and Paula Susitaival (fiddle, keyed fiddle/nyckelharpa, vocals).


3. A Dutch couple (Willem and Madeleine), working together since 1993 in art and music. Hyperborea (New Found Land) is their professional artist alias.

They work together on various projects in which they combine sculptures, 3D artworks and electronic music into multimedia projects that are available on DVD.


4. A Russian Martial Industrial/Ritual Noise/Dark Ambient Project.

2008 - Gibur

Lion Music/Irond

5. A Spanish Falangista right-wing identity folk band which has made an album
"La Isla de la Memoria" dedicated to Mota and Marin the two Romanian
Legionaries who gave their lives fighting for the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil war
Label: Rupe Tarpea Produzioni
URL: http://www.libreopinion.com/members/ch1492/letrasHyperborea.html

6. Synth exploration project of James Tom (Krakatau) based in Melbourne, Australia.

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