• January Mix

    22 Jan 2006, 12:04 by goawaygeek

    OK so another month another mix tape. This one is a bit weird I guess because it isn't really what I am listening to right now but upon reflection it is pretty good. I was a bit worried about it but then when I listened to it I was like, hell yeah this is an awesome tape. If I didn't know all this music already I'd be blown away-. So anyway here's the lowdown:

    The Apartments - Help: Wow what a pop song. I should really be writing these things as I'm listening to the cd but I'm not. OK now I am. So anyway this track comes off the fantastic compilation put out by Chapter records a few years back called "Can't Stop it: Australian Post Punk 1978-82". Let me just say that if you think you're down with it because you're listening to DNA and Gang of Four or whatever else it is you're listening to; if you haven't heard this album you're missing out. Back when I was living in Canada I had about the only patriotic moment of my life and went on a massive Australian post punk kick. …