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HowStuffWorks is a website that was founded by Marshall Brain and is dedicated to explaining the way many things work. The site uses photos, diagrams, video and animation to explain complex terminology and mechanisms in easy-to-understand language. A documentary television series with the same name also premiered in November 2008 on the Discovery Channel.

In 1998, former North Carolina State University professor Marshall Brain started the site as a hobby. In 1999, Brain raised venture capital and formed HowStuffWorks, Inc. In March 2002, HowStuffWorks was sold to the Convex Group, an Atlanta-based investment and media company founded by Jeff Arnold, founder and former chief executive officer (CEO) of WebMD. The headquarters moved from Cary, North Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia. HowStuffWorks originally focused on science and machines, ranging from submarines to common household gadgets and appliances. After adding a staff of writers, artists, and editors, content expanded to a larger array of topics.

They now also offer Podcasts covering many different topics. some of their popular ones include:

Stuff you should know (audio): http://science.howstuffworks.com/stuff-you-should-know-podcast.htm
Stuff you missed in history class (audio): http://history.howstuffworks.com/stuff-you-missed-in-history-class-podcast.htm

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