• Dancing Divas

    4 Oct 2006, 15:00 by onephatdj

    Another month has passed by with numerous new house tracks getting released. You can guess what that means then can't you? Just in time for pay day weekend, I introduce to you Episode 17 of the One Phat DJ podcast... Dancing Divas.

    While I tend to play a lot of vocal and disco house in the One Phat DJ podcast, this month took on a few more remixes compared to normal of so-called US "divas" in the shape of Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Chanel and Christina Aguelira. I was thinking of calling the mix "Phat Goes Pop" but the tunes aren't particularly poppy per se, more funky house. Besides which, it didn't put the rest of the artists in the best light. Regardless, the general sound of the mix is in the same style as I normally go for so, for all those hardcore fans out there, don't worry. It's still funky baby!

    Here we go...

    1. Hush Boy (Soul Seekerz Mix)