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In the year 2005, the German band HORRIZON was founded by Martin Gerloff (guitar), Marco Magistro (bass guitar & vocals), and Rene Fink (drums). Starting as quite unexperienced musicians HORRIZON covered songs like "The Dragon Lies Bleeding" (HammerFall) and "Death in Fire" (Amon Amarth). During the following years own songs were composed.

Site: http://www.horrizon.de

Peter Gedert (guitar) and Dominik Jahn (keyboard) joined the band which made the music much more versatile and interesting. But on the brink of recording the debut album Marco and Rene had to leave the band for personal reasons. The existence of HORRIZON was on a razor's edge… .

Restructuring the band Martin recorded the vocals for the album and became the new singer. Franz Rieman (bass guitar) and Florian Kneib (drums) joined the band. Later Martin's work as guitarist was being done by Joshua Immig.

Combining traditional Metal riffs with old-school Death Metal vocals (like Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH) or Marc Grewe (MORGOTH)) the band is on the point to rock the world's Metal scene with its debut album "Time for Revenge" which is to be released by YONAH RECORDS in April 2012.

HORRIZON are always ready to rock the stages!

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