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  1. A389 Recordings.

    Hemlock 13 coven.


    United Kingdom.

  2. From Seattle, WA

    "Super leftist, athiestic, forward thinking, semi nihilistic, 90's, metallic, hardcore hate violence"

    It's pronounced (sin-Ar-uh).…

  3. Australian HOLY TERROR metalcore band from Brisbane. Featuring members of Against.
    For fans of Ringworm, Integrity and In Cold Blood.


  4. A band from Birmingham, England
    Free music: http://blackveins1.bandcamp.com
    Gig listings/ramblings:…

  5. Unforgiving grind/thrash from North Carolina featuring members of Young and in the Way.

    7" coming soon from Antithetic Records.…

  6. There are multiple artists with this name:

    1) Hardcore from Richmond, Virginia, USA.
    Name was Heathen before, changed to Heathens.
    7" on Thrashed…

  7. A loud band from Morgantown, WV.

    Download our full length 'The Black Engulfs Our Sun' for free at http://www.stereokiller.com/ancientshores

    Pick up…

  8. Black Freighter is a dark and sludgy hardcore band from Leipzig/Germany (even though some members now live in Göttingen and Jena). The band was…

  9. There are at least 2 bands using the name Virgin Witch.

    1) A thrash band from Mexico. Forming in 1984, they released a single demo tape, Death…

  10. Heavy hardcore band from the north east of England.


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