• The Top 100 Christian Metal Albums of All Time: Part 1

    27 Jun 2011, 01:25 by mrmichel0927


    Please read before continuing. It will help you understand where I am coming from, and if nothing else give you a basis for critique.

    Greetings and welcome! Whether you're new to Christian metal or a seasoned veteran, this list will hopefully help you find new metal bands that represent the pinnacle of talent, creativity and devotion to Jesus Christ. First, a few things about the music. The tag "Christian" is not a genre in and of itself but reflects the lyrical content and beliefs of the band. If you don't feel comfortable listening to these artists, then you're probably in the wrong place. If you're a Christian yourself or you don't mind the lyrical standpoint that these bands take, then read on.

    Let's step back for a moment and analyze the criteria that was required of the albums on this list.

    1. Musical competency
    2. Creativity
    3. Impact on their genre
    4. Solid Christian lyrical content