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    26 Nov 2011, 17:58 by kmullin

  • The Shape of Jazz That's Come

    3 Jun 2007, 01:58 by BlindWilliam

    'S Up foo's!

    'F yer feelin' a longin' for the 90s, you should take de tour wit de brovahs @
    Destination Out. Dis is da history lesson.

    Here are their greats:

    Horace Tapscott
    Matthew Shipp
    John Zorn
    David S. Ware
    Dave Douglas
    Anthony Braxton
    Sonny Sharrock
    Bill Dixon

    And dey go on and on and on and on, bringing the story 'til da break a dawn.

    Now's da chance for the brovahs in Great Black Music to bring on their own history. Bring on your versions of the same decade.
  • Horace and a Billion Nimbi

    29 Jan 2007, 06:19 by dalemcbdnl

    I had a friend who was a big Horace Tapscott fiend. His house had Nimbus records floating around everywhere. It was like there was a billion or so of them. Horace was on ALL of 'em. The logo looked like a stick figure tipping a frisbee. Something like that but we're talking an LA record label here. I exaggerate a little but it WAS surreal! All the Nimbi jackets were a dull blue and you couldn't tell one from another. I felt like a Nimbus bigot. I'd show up and John (that was the guy's name) would pull out one of those awful nondescript blue sleaves and play some Tapscott. The thing is, I kind of liked the music. It "swung" and Roberto Miranda was really pretty good on bass. I had to admit Tapscott played "tasty" jazz. But for me that was sort of like telling an artist whose work I actually found boring: "hmm, very nice." The music felt like something you'd find at an upscale and smokey LA jazz bar before the LA-LAs realized cig smoke was indoor smog. It just wasn't my "thing."