• Song title question answering meme thingy.

    9 Apr 2007, 06:49 by mandee_jayne

    No need to write about this week's top 10 because There's nothing to comment on except Humanwine is amazing. My entire week only consisted of 13 artists and tenth place had two listens. Basically, it was all HUMANWINE and a little bit of Cake Bake Betty and Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton. So instead, I'll do a random meme thing :)

    1. Will you ever get married?
    O Mistress Mine
    So I will, but I will have a mistress? Or I will marry my mistress? I'm really confused, not the least because gay marriage isn't legal but that's beside the point.

    2. What will your life be like?
    Gemini Girly Song
    That sucks. It's a creepy song. Amazing, but creepy.

    3. How are you feeling?
    I want to go faster.

    4. What is your deepest, darkest secret?
    Parisian Dream
    Yeah, not really.

    5. Are you gunna finish that sandwich?
    The 15th
    Okay, I'm gonna wait a week apparently to finish this nonexistent sandwich.

    6. Your friends would describe you as?
  • Two Hooverphonic's concerts within a week

    18 Dec 2005, 15:12 by onelittleindian

    What could be better than a concert of Hooverphonic to finish the year? 2 concerts of Hooverphonic! First concert in the Ancienne Belgique (Brussels), a small and intimate concert hall. We were in the front row, close to Alex (the bassist) and Geike (the singer). Geike was dressed in a red and sexy dress. Alex and Raymond had more classical clothes but very smart (as usually).

    The concert started with the mix-version of You Love me to death. Geike's voice was as perfect as at the showcase, magic.
    They played few songs from the new album (wich an a cappella version of Wake up, what a voice!) then hits from others albums like Eden and 2 Wicky.
    Suddenly, in the middle of a jazzy-version of Mad about you, "Give me a reason to be a woman..." : a tribute to Portishead with some verses of Glory Box. I couldn't believe my ears, two of my favourite groups joined together!

    The "first part" of the concert ended with an overexcited Alex at the keyboard on the final of Your Hurt me.