• Recommended Songs -- new tool discovery!

    17 Apr 2009, 04:54 by AdriaNnLA

    Ok, so a significant part of the draw to has always been the recommendations.

    You listen to a bunch of tracks that you like and through the magic of databases, algorithms, and other listeners with similar tastes; you're presented with artist recommendations courtesy of the machine.

    Their used to be a sweet feature subset of the recommendation engine that allowed groups and other users to send you recommendations to which you could also mix in to your musical discovery journey.

    Unfortunately with the most recent 'overhaul' of the site, group recommendations went away completely and personal recommendations went to pot. Instead of being displayed on a singular page and allowed to populate a radio stream of unbroken recommendations, they now appear in your inbox where you have to sample them one-at-a-time.

    Not nearly as fun nor conducive to the discovery listening process. :-(

    I'd previously found a tool (I'll stick a link in here later) that would scrape some of your…
  • Sketch's thing that I stole

    24 Mar 2008, 21:20 by _Wanderer_

    1. How did you get into 29?
    Frou Frou - I found a random fan-made AMV of Rahxephon to Must Be Dreaming. The video was amazingly edited and the visuals went with the song so well, particularly the climax around the 3 minute mark. After watching said video I investigated both source materials, Frou Frou ended up being a good find. Rahxephon on the other hand was a complete let down.

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22?
    光田康典 - Yasunori Mitsuda, I popped in Xenogears in elementary school and from that moment on I was hooked on his music. Not only is that one of the most epic (for once that word fits the scale of the story) games, but the soundtrack blew my mind at the time. Best part is that it withstands the test of time and still sounds fantastic.

    3. What’s your favorite lyric by 33?
    UNKLE - I guess part of the lyrics of Nursery Rhyme/Breather I like. There are a lot of songs that I enjoy by them but I guess this works since it was the first song by them I really got into.
  • Music Shuffle Survey! ;D

    8 Dec 2006, 02:40 by porcelaine

    Music shuffle survey. You know the drill. Press Shuffle and write the name of the music...

    1. What's my mood like right now?
    Just Cant Get Enought
    Comment: i just cant get enought READING! so much for exams week...

    2. How's tomorrow going to be for me?
    One Way or Another
    Comment: Ok, who's the one i'm gonna freak about? XD

    3. What kind of person am I?
    Dont Ask Me
    Comment: I swear i'm not that bitter!!! ahahahaha

    4. Am I loved?
    Someone New
    Comment: well.. i'm loved, just not enought to stick with... :0) "you gonna find someone new, i really hope you do, because i love you"

    5. How can I achieve my highest potential?
    1/2 Lovesong
    Comment: learning german properly this time! yep, i knew that!

    6. What should I do with my life?
    california dreaming
    Comment: I should leave for a warmer place? Well, i've already traveled to Bauru this week and melted... not a good idea!

    7. Is everything really going to be alright in the end?
  • Two Hooverphonic's concerts within a week

    18 Dec 2005, 15:12 by onelittleindian

    What could be better than a concert of Hooverphonic to finish the year? 2 concerts of Hooverphonic! First concert in the Ancienne Belgique (Brussels), a small and intimate concert hall. We were in the front row, close to Alex (the bassist) and Geike (the singer). Geike was dressed in a red and sexy dress. Alex and Raymond had more classical clothes but very smart (as usually).

    The concert started with the mix-version of You Love me to death. Geike's voice was as perfect as at the showcase, magic.
    They played few songs from the new album (wich an a cappella version of Wake up, what a voice!) then hits from others albums like Eden and 2 Wicky.
    Suddenly, in the middle of a jazzy-version of Mad about you, "Give me a reason to be a woman..." : a tribute to Portishead with some verses of Glory Box. I couldn't believe my ears, two of my favourite groups joined together!

    The "first part" of the concert ended with an overexcited Alex at the keyboard on the final of Your Hurt me.
  • Battersea Lyrics

    19 Nov 2005, 14:22 by Jasmic

    Battersea how it is
    It’s over forget
    Memories full of chocolate
    I’ve got to get over it forget
    Your world is different than mine
    I’ve got to get over I’ve got to forget
    And ’sgurd’ is the one I don’t like
    I’m afraid of him I’ve got to forget

    Knocking on the blue water
    It’s over forget
    Praline and chocolate ice
    Got to get over, forget
    Your world doesn’t match with mine
    I’ve got to get over I’ve got to forget
    And ’sgurd’ rules your friend’s life
    I’m afraid of him I’ve got to forget

    I just copied those lyrics as I had no idea what she was singing, and I have included this as one of my Loved tracks. Any idea what/who sgurd is?